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When do babies normally start walking and talking

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By the age of 12 months babies start to say mama, dadda, and begin to walk. The stages depends on the child some are different. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-do-babies-normally-start-walking-and-talking ]
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When do babies usually start to walk and talk??
My daughter didn't walk until she was 16 months but my son walked at 9. I think it has a lot to do with how much you hold them because I never put my daughter down-spoiled her rotten and learned my lesson. I let my son play by himself and h...

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Normally, how old when a baby start to talk? and to walk?
A: I walked and started talking at 10 months. My sisters were around a year old, but my brother was much later as he had hip problems.Walking is normally at around a year old, though can be a bit younger. Talking is quite varied, some babies start to talk very young.
just some quesions about baby?
Q: Hey! My lil girl is 5 months old today and i was just wondering, how old is it that babies normally start sitting up/ crawling / walking / small baby talk ( ma ma or da da ) ? IM NOT trying to push her because i know she will get it on her own time, but this is my first child, and the only child i have really ever been around so i was just curious. like i can sit her down on the floor and try and help her sit up but she goes up to forward lol, or either falls on her side. i just like sitting on the floor and trying to teach her new stuff .. i would also love to know some things that i could do with her that would help her out . thanksanother question ... will they just get it or would you have to encourage them and keep sitting them up ?? cause she started rolling over ( back to belly & belly to back ) at like 3 months and she did that on her own .yes, baby time is great. she loves it too. if she could she would stay on the floor all day & night, and we love gettin on the floor and playing with her, and now she likes to fight her daddy its too cute !
A: So cute!! Tummy time is SO important from the start. You will notice that your baby may not really like to be on his belly quite yet but you have to try. If you are able to get a little play gym, it is so amazing to see a little 3 month old and now 9 month old going crazy in it. Start reading books early...he is now picking them up and feeling them when he is on the ground. Always encourage whatever you have available for your baby to use in learning.Teething: 4 months (slobber)Rolled side to side: 5 monthsScooting (prior to crawling): 5.5 monthsCrawling: 6 monthsPulls himself up: 7 monthsCuts first tooth: 7 monthsCuts second tooth: 8 monthsSmall baby talk (mama dada): 8-9 months yet not very strong quite yet. He definitely knows what it means.Walking: not yet but I have heard up to 1 years old but mine is already walking in his crib with help by the bars of the crib.The floor is fantastic...try putting a tempting item if front of her and have her come get it. I also suggest a play gym or exercauser....they LOVE it! If can't afford, at least a Jimmy Jump Up or something to stimulate movement.Good luck!!!
Do girls progress slower than boys?
Q: We are expecting our second baby in just coming four weeks and we are having a girl this time around. So many people have told us that girls progress slower than boys. I wondered how true this was, I wouldn't have thought this because we're all the same. Do girls start walking,talking etc before boys normally do or is it about an average time as each other. This is only a query really. Any one have a boy then a girl and notice any difference(apart from the obvious).
A: Girls do everything faster, from what I've seen in my family, girls talk sooner, walk sooner, potty train sooner... Although, there are exceptions, my son started talking sooner than my niece, but he's still not walking, she walked at 11 months, he's still trying to get the hang of it. From everything else I've seen with my assorted cousins, nieces and nephews - the girls are usually ahead by a few months.

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