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What does your stomach feel like when your first pregnant

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When you are first pregnant you may experience nausea and upset stomach symptoms. Some people have "morning sickness". ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-your-stomach-feel-like-when-your-first-pregnant ]
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What will your stomach feel like when you are first pregnant??
You will normally feel very exhausted , feeling tight in your lower abdomen and notice the tightness when bending down, Youl will look bloated probably by 5 weeks. Your breasts will feel tender at times painful.
What does the stomach feel like the first month of pregnancy??
Your stomach will not look or feel different to usual in the first month, but feelings of nausea can start around that time.
Does The First Month Of Pregnancy Feel Like A Air Pocket In The L...?
When I was pregnant, I burped a lot the first month. Ha and I NEVER burp. So I guess I could see where you are coming from with the "air pocket".. BUT it could be just GAS. I would get a pregnancy test done. If it shows negative w...

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What is your stomach suppose to feel like when your pregnant in first trimester?
Q: Is it supposed to feel hard or soft? Does it jiggle or not?Is it supposed to feel fat and jiggley? I feel pregnant and my stomach is kinda hard but it's also jiggley like when I just gain a couple of pounds...is this suppose to happen at 2 months?thank you all for the responses they help a grat ddeal!!! i have my appt. today I will ask all my concerns to the Dr.
A: It feels absolutly no diffrent at all,until you are about 4-5 months.
Does your stomach feel different when your pregnant?
Q: So if your like 2 weeks pregnant does your stomach feel different like on the inside?
A: No.. you can't be 2 weeks pregnant... conception occurs in end of the 2nd week. And your stomach wouldn't feel any different for several weeks.
When pregnant, does your stomach feel heavy?
Q: The first days of pregnacy, does your stomach feel heavy? Not including what you have ate? Last time I had sex was about a week ago. I don't know if I am pregnant. My stomach feels heavy at times, and I do not get cramps but it just feels as if I had a weight in my belly. I am not supposed to get my period until mid december. Is it possible that I am pregnant?
A: you could be bloated but yes it does happen in pregnancy but not til youre further along and your deff too early to tell that. wait til you get a missed period then wait a week and test. good luck.

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