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What does a long lasting period mean

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Long lasting period is called menorrhagia, and could be caused by many things, including fibroids, cysts, and tumors. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-a-long-lasting-period-mean ]
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What does it mean when when your period is lasting longer then be...?
If it's within the first 3 years of getting it then it's probably becoming normal. Be concerned if it lasts more than a week.
When you say last day, what do you mean? how long is that time pe...?
contracts are due every year at 12 noon on wednesday - depending on the holiday weekend and when you get your letters its about 7 to 9 days. [ Reply | Options ] 08.07.09, 07:23 PM [ Flag | link to this post ] sorry if i'm being obtuse, but ...
What Does It Mean When My Period Last Three Days Longer??
What does it mean if my period was 3 days late ne it only stayed on 2 days

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How long does a normal period last?
Q: How long does a normal period last? I mean, i know everybody is different, but an estimate of how long a normal period lasts would help alot. I just got mine, and I hate having to walk around with a frikin pad in between my legs all day. How long will this go on?PS. i HATE tampons, so dont recomend them....thanks!
A: 5-7 days but it can also be 3-4 days everybody is differentso like ask ur doctor
If your period lasts longer then 5 days, does that mean the menstrual cycle becomes longer?
Q: According to stats, the menstrual cycle is 28 days, correct? Day one being the start of your period each cycle. This is with an estimated 5 day cycle, but lets say that you had a six or seven day period, does this mean that the cycle may be lengthened to 29 or 30 days?What I'm asking is, everyday added on to the calculated 5 day cycle, does it make the whole cycle one more day longer?
A: the cycle starts on the last day of your period. so no, having a longer period does not make the cycle longer.
What does it mean when your period lasts longer than normal?
Q: Does it have ANYTHING to do with possible pregnancy? Or is it just something normal that happens sometimes?
A: It means your body is making some changes.It's Normal though. some days you might have heavy days or light days.Everybody gets it.Hope this helped [:

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