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What do you feel when implantation occurs

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There is no complete agreement among experts whether implantation can be felt or not. Some women claim they can feel MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-you-feel-when-implantation-occurs ]
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What does implantation feel like? how soon after ovulation does i...?
I have heard that it feels like cramps most of the time. It usually occurs around days 7-10 sometimes sooner sometimes later. Good Luck.
Can you feel implantation? is that automatic preg. how long after...?
Implantation many times feels like your period is about to start.. that's why some women don't "pay much attention" when it happens. Some women never feel it at all! It usually occurs around 5-10 days after you ovulate.
When implantation bleeding occurs, does it feel like normal perio...?
It can it shouldnt be as heavy though.

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Can you feel when implantation occurs?
Q: I have mild cramps and its not gas nor period cramps.
A: Simple answer is no. If your body is or has ovulated, hormone levels will be rising getting you ready for possible pregnancy. This rise in hormones causes you to feel strong, strange sensations and if you are/were actually trying to conceive, you may be more acutely aware of those changes and feelings. When you become pregnant, the hormones will continue to rise VERY rapidly and uterus will begins it's changes (it begins hardneing somewhat and making a "home" for the egg) right after implantation... It may be the effects of the rapid hormone shift and the uterus itself adjusting that is causing the things you are feeling.
when implantation occurs can you feel it?
Q: this may sound really stupid but i was wondering if you can feel anything when implantation occurs?i am now 8 DPO and AF is due in 7 days and i am experiencing slight cramps in my stomach..could this be implantation?anybody had any similar experience and been pregnant?been TTC for 7 months, hopefully this month could be my month! xx
A: ✿¤·ஐ There is nothing to prove people can feel implantation. A lot of people claim to, but majority of people think about it to much. Like when you think you're pregnant, and then you feel nauseous, and stomach ache, etc. A lot of the time, it's all in the women's head. I've convinced myself to many times.I hope what you're feeling has something to do with conceiving. Good Luck and all the best. ✿¤·ஐ
Soon after conceiving, when implantation occurs, can you feel slight cramping or pressure in your uterus?
Q: -Thanks!
A: Yes. You may also feel 'tugging' near the inner side of your navel area.

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