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What do rabbits dying have to do with pregnancy tests

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In the old days, a Dr would inject a rabbit with a females urine. If the urine had the pregnancy hormone the rabbit would..More? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-rabbits-dying-have-to-do-with-pregnancy-tests ]
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Do human pregnancy tests work on rabbits?
No they do not work on rabbits. Either wait a few days to see if she's pregnant or make that drive. You could also find someone that knows rabbits and they could palpate her for you. Experienced rabbit people are usually better at palpating...
Do pregnancy test work work on rabbits?
no but if u want to find out u need to take the rabbit to the vet he will tell u if she is pregnant or not
How much does it cost to take a rabbit to the vet for a pregnancy...?
Hi Jules, It wouldn't be worth it. It takes about 28 to 32 days before a bunny has her babies after mating. Sometimes rabbits will also go through a false pregnancy which involves all the behaviors of being pregnant, but there are no kits. ...

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What makes the rabbit die when a pregnancy test is positive?
Q: Remember the saying "did the rabbit die?"
A: What's the deal with "the rabbit dying"? Once upon a time, HPT's did not exist. (What people like us did in their spare time we may never know.) To determine if a woman was pregnant, her urine was injected into your ordinary garden-variety (female) rabbit. (Get it? Garden-variety? Rabbit? Like bunnies in your gar-- oh, fine ;) If the woman's urine contained hCG (pregnancy hormone), the rabbit's ovaries would react by producing little pockets of blood. (These were harmless to the rabbit.) Unfortunately, this was in the day before see-through rabbits, so the only way to see the ovaries was to kill the rabbit, cut her open, and peek inside. So, the rabbit actually died whether or not the woman was pregnant. Somewhere along the line that little detail was lost, however, and "the rabbit died" became slang for "being pregnant."
Old Pregnancy rabbit tests?
Q: Wouldn't the rabbit die anyway if someone injected human blood in them be it from a pregnant woman or not they would still die because it was from a different species??? To me that seems like a dumb test! I can't think that DR's were that dumb to not think the animal would not die.What if someone injected dog blood into a human would the human not die???
A: It's not blood It's urine.....

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