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What day should I ovulate if I have a 32 day cycle

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Ovulation typically occurs on the middle day of the cycle - for a 32 day cycle, this would be the 16th day! ChaCha real smooth! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-day-should-i-ovulate-if-i-have-a-32-day-cycle ]
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When should i be ovulating with a 32-40 day cycle??
Every woman is different. If your cycle is consistently 32-40 days, it could be any of the times you mentioned. I would say about a week to 10 days before, but I know for a fact that I ovulate earlier than that. However, my cycles are ridic...

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If I have 31-32 day cycle is it possible to ovulate on day 23 or did I still ovulate on day 14-16?
Q: The first day of my last period was December 27, 2008. I'm trying to figure out what day I conceived.
A: If you have a 31-32 day cycle then you should ovulate on CD17-18 but that doesn't have to be EVERYTIME. So yes it is possibe to ovulate on CD14-16. An ultrasound will give you more of an accurate date by taking a measurement of the size of the fetus. If you had an early ultrasound before 12 weeks then that is more accurate then going by your LMP.
im on 32 day cycle,ovulate on day 18,on day 23 small blood loss and mild cramping,could i be pregnant?
Q: im getting tingling in my boobs and my belly feels bloated
A: possibly. When day 32 passes, take the preg test. If it´s positive, get to the doctor. In the meantime, eat well, and take your vitamins...don´t drink or do drugs...even cough syrup, until you´ve talked to the doctor.
Could I ovulate and become pregnant on day 29 of a 32 day cycle?
Q: My ob said that I probably ovulate late in my cycle. If this is correct, could I be pregnant when I had sex on day 29 of my normally 32 day cycle? I missed my period BUT on day 39, I had light bleeding. For a period, this is NOT normal... I am usually very heavy, lots of cramps and clots. This is watery red, enough to use a pad or tampon, accompanied by slight cramps and headaches. It has been going on 48 hours now, stopping and starting again half way in between. It's getting a little more red in color, but not like it normally is. Could this is implanation bleeding? I have taken a test and it's negative. But if I haven't reached a "2 week point" since my expected ovulation day, it wouldn't come up anyways, right? Please, any answers would help. Can anyone describe early breast tenderness? I think I may have it, but mine feel tingly, like "let-down" when breastfeeding. Is this normal?
A: A woman can get pregnant during any time of her cycle. Even when she is menstruating. Though rare, it does happen. Ovulation usually occurs 14 days from the ONSET of your period. But, the egg remains in the body until the next menses. I was using protection and had my period during the time my daughter was conceived. One of my best friends conceived during two of her periods. Some women are just fertile like that.

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