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What can cause a woman to go into labor

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Bumpy car rides, exercise and walking are all methods of using gravity to help the baby drop down lower into the pelvic MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-cause-a-woman-to-go-into-labor ]
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How to Know When You Are in Labor
・ 1 There are many signs that might lead you to think you are in labor. Contractions of your uterus is... ・ 2 Keep track of how often you feel the contractions. You will need to start your timer at the beginning... ・ 3 If your water breaks,...
What is labor?
Labor is a series of continuous, progressive contractions of the uterus which help the cervix to open (dilate) and to thin (efface), allowing the fetus to move through the birth canal. Labor usually starts two weeks before or after the esti...
Is it true that a bumpy car ride can cause a pregnant woman to go...?
No, labor won't start just because a pregnant mom finds herself on a gravel road or hits a few speed bumps.

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What causes a woman to go into labor earlier than 40 weeks?
Q: I know it's common to go into labor naturally anywhere between 36-42 weeks.What would be the reason a woman would go into labor naturally at say 36 or 37 weeks? I know the baby is done developing, but what causes some women go into labor early?
A: the baby decides that. unless there is a medical condition involved.
do pregnant woman typically always go into labor around forty weeks pregnant?
Q: i know there are preemie cases,but what causes woman to go into labor early. what can be done to prevent going into labor and the baby being born too early? what causes you yo go into labor before the due date?
A: i went into labour at 34 weeks because i had a problem with my cervix, there are all sorts of reasons why women labour early. to try and stop mine they made me rest in bed and gave me some drugs to stop the labour- it didn't work
My friend is tiny and is pregnant. What are the chances she will go into labor early?
Q: My friend is due in 6 weeks and I was wondering what can cause a women to go into labor early. Can age and the size of the women predict if she will be early or not? I want all the information about early labor that I can get. I know about labor, just not about being early.Any statistics or facts will also be helpful. Thank you!
A: I'm 4'11 and only weighed 100lbs. when I got pregnant.I gained about 50 lbs. and carried my baby to full term (he was born almost a week after his due date) and he was born 10 lbs.

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