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Is wearing a tampon to bed safe

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Yes, it's not detrimental as long as you sleep for 8 hours or smaller amount. Over 8 hours can cause you to stain the bed. ChaCha [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-wearing-a-tampon-to-bed-safe ]
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Is it safe to wear tampons to bed?
Totally, they can last up to 7-8 hours. And for more protection, you can wear it under too, so even if you leak, it wouldn't be messy.

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Is it safe to wear a tampon to bed?
Q: If you still change at the required times?
A: Please forgive my intrusion into this area, but one of my cousins developed TSS years ago before the doctors got a handle on it. She got through it and is OK, but you couldn't pay her to use one at night. If I were you I would definitely ask a doctor.
at the tanning bed can i wear a tampon?
Q: if you're on your period and you go to the tanning bed are you supposed to not go those days or is it okay to wear a tampon,because i tan without panties or bathing suit so i wont be able to wear a pad.it is safe to wear a tampon in tanning beds, right?
A: Its okay to wear a tampon in the tanning bed. But when I am on my period, I tend to not go to the tanning bed until it is over cause I think about germs...and its kinda gross in my opinion. (NO OFFENSE!) But if you think its okay, then go ahead! :)
What would the consequences of prolonged tampon use?
Q: I'm very active throughout the day and at times when i'm on my menses, I often have a tampon on for a lenghty amount of time.. Is this safe or can this cause any type of health risks.. infections and so on?And is it safe to wear a tampon to bed, granted that you get up and change throughout the night?Thank you for your answers.
A: Toxic Shock Syndrome

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