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Is it normal to spot before a period

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If you do not begin your period or the spotting persists, you should consult a doctor. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-it-normal-to-spot-before-a-period ]
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Is it normal to spot before your period?
It's common to spot a few days before your period. You should get it normally around the time it's supposed to come. I get some brown discharge a few days before mine. Hope that helps!
Is spotting before a period normal?
You can have lower back pain right before your period and while you have your period. Spotting is a tricky question to answer. If your spotting is starting at the time your period is suppose to start than it is probably the start of your pe...
Is it normal to have spotting before a period?
Hi! With the past two cycles, I have had some spotting a few days before my full menstrual flow. I don't know if it has to do with m/c in Dec. still? I had never had this spotting prior to the m/c. In the past, af would just start.. and,...

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is it normal to spot before period?
Q: i'm really scared because i've never spotted before. i highly doubt i'm pregnant because this month i only had sex once and it was right after my last period and my guy never came in me and it was protected at all times. however... i'm supposed to get my period like next week but right now i'm spotting. is it normal before period or something? it's brownish in color and when i wipe inner the more blood. i have to wear a pad right now because it does spot quite a lot (not that much... more like brownish blood). also... it doesnt have a smell or anything... so i doubt it's any infections... so please anyone help me! is it normal? what does spotting usually signify other than pregnancy?
A: spotting is also a sign of ovulation. When you release an egg, the follicle it was in burst and sometimes causes bleeding. Usually women ovulate around 2 weeks before their period, but some are sooner and some are later. Don't stress about it because ever woman is meant to ovulate, but if you don't normally spot, then i'd go to the doctor just to make sure.also, some people spot right before they start their period (the day before) so that spotting is normal also, but that doesn't sound like your issue here.
Is it normal to spot before period? or is it just about pregnancy?
Q: Well i spotted yesterday. But i still have 11 days until my period is due. Is it normal to spot before your period or is it strictly due to pregnancy?
A: It is normal to spot before you start your period. That is what I did for years before I would have my period. That is nothing to worry about.
Is it normal to spot before your period?
Q: I'm not do to start my period of another week, but i just started spotting. This hasn't happened to me before. I did spot after a gyno visit cause she had to run test but that lasted for about 9 days then stopped, I have had my period sense then and have not had any intercourse.
A: you can spot before your period but it can sometimes indicate something else give your period time if your late on or don't come on at all visit a doctor just in case

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