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Is it better to take a pregnancy test in the morning or night

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Most pregnancy tests recommend first morning urine since it contains the highest concentration of hCG, the pregnancy hormone. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-it-better-to-take-a-pregnancy-test-in-the-morning-or-night ]
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Is it best to take a pregnancy test at night or in the morning??
Morning urine is always best, as it's the most concentrated. And I suggest catching your urine in a cup, and doing a dip-test, rather than trying to do an in-stream test.

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Can you take a pregnancy test at night, or is it really better to do it in the morning? Why?
A: They say morning but thats just because you havent had anything to dilute your urine! Its the same either way. I bought a pregnacy test that had two! I couldnt wait!!! I took one and night and one the next moring. they both were positive...but the moring one was ALOT darker!
can anybody help me,i take pregnancy test last night and its only 17days since i have sex with my husband..?
Q: the 17 days its that enough to show up in pregnant test if I'm pregnant because its say in pregnancy test only 1 line but how come my boobs is swollen and hurt and i have pain in my lower back and lover abdominal pain every morning and i always hungry and my mood not good.and also i have pian in right left ovary i felt it when i get up in the bed.rae rae, all the 3 test that you take its all show that your pregnant because i try only one of pregnancy test and i just keep the one and wait one week to take a test again.
A: 17 days may not be long enough. Testing 19 days after sex is usually the earliest, and even then it might be too soon. A positive result all depends on how much hCG you're producing, and how much is present in your urine stream. hCG levels vary greatly from woman to woman, but they do double every 48 hours or so. If you know you ovulated, and your period doesn't come, obviously something's up. It's best to wait till at least the first day of your missed period to test. The results will be more accurate. The closer you wait to the day of your expected period to test, the more accurate the result will be, and the less chance you have of a false negative. It sounds like you have a few symptoms, so just retest. Good luck to you, and lots of baby dust!
Can I use the pregnancy test with urine I saved from morning?
Q: They say it is better to use first morning urine. I didn't have a test on hand and just got one tonight. (it is night time where I live) So I peed in a clean container and it has been setting with a top on it for 12 hours. Will this urine still be good for a pregnancy test? I mean will it still give the best results after it has set for awhile?
A: I researched this before and they say urine does start to break down rapidly and has a 'shelf life' on 24 hours. You could use it but it may not be accurate. For the most accurate results I would wait til tomorrow morning but if your curosidy is killing you and you have more than one test I say why not...Best of Luck!!

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