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How many years after you start your period will you start growing

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You get your period and start growing during puberty. Puberty is the time in your life when you begin to become an adult. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-many-years-after-you-start-your-period-will-you-start-growing ]
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Can my boobs just start to grow bigger almost 2 years after I sta...?
yes a woman's breasts dont stop growing until around age 18 or 19. then they will grow again with any weight gain or pregnancy
Is it true your breasts stop growing two years after your period ...?
no certainly not! Mine went up a cup size at the age of 21 and I started my periods at 16. The same happened to my sister she also went from a B cup to a C cup when she was about 21 and she started her periods at 14. You may well get bigger...
How many years do girls stop growing taller after they start thei...?
Why do you think these two issues are related? It is really three separate variables. Age...growth...and physical maturity. They are not related and it will be different in different people.

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How many years after your period do your breast start growing?
Q: Is it true that your breast only start growing/getting big 1-2 years before your period OR 1-2 years after? I started my period July 2008 (when i was 13) now im 14 and July 2009 will make one year and i'm still flat chested...:(:(:( I have like no breast at all and my mom is a 36 Coh and is it true that as soon as you get your period you stop growing in height?
A: no its not true about not growing or there would be a whole lot of short people!!! lol! and no again they grow all the time. you just might be a late bloomer
You stop growing 2 or so years after you start your period?
Q: I heard that from my friend who stopped growing. she got her period about 2 yrs ago. her mom told her. is this info TRUE?????
A: No, most people dont stop growing until theyre about 18-25 and all girls should have their periods by the time theyre 16.
I started my period at 12 and apparently you start growing boobs 2-3 years before? Not true.?
Q: well i started wearing bras at 11 cos my mum said i needed one and i started my period the year after cos apparantly you start 2-3 years after your budding - I mean i dont know exactly when i started budding but im pretty sure it was 11.... please help =] x
A: You can grow any time during puberty.

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