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How many times a month does a women ovulation

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Ovulation occurs when a mature egg is released from the ovary, This occurs once every 28 days. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-many-times-a-month-does-a-women-ovulation ]
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Do woman get pregnant on ther periods sometimes, or other times r...?
You can get pregnant at any point of your menstrual cycle. Points like your period are less likely for pregnancy, but you can still get pregnant at any point. When 'pulling out' there is still sperm inside of you, due to the fact that men a...
Does Ovulation Time Make Women Feel Hornier?
Naturally, libido or sexual desire after menstrual period is continue to increased up to after ovulation and then start to decrease. Because sex is part of reproduction and when the chances of conception are high like at the time of ovulat...
How many eggs does a women release each time ovulation occurs??
1! 1 a month, every month of the year, for about 40 years from the time your first "monthly cycle" occurs! Uggh!

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In a month how many times women ovaulate and is there relation between menstrual period and ovulation.?
A: when an egg passes through the uterus and is not fertilized then it is shed and with it comes a period or mensus. when the egg is not fertilized it cannot burrow into the rich lining of the uterus and thus women start their periods. when a woman ovulates, it is usually about 9 days after the first day of their last period. if the egg is not fertilized then the period will usually start 14 days after the ovulation. women only ovulate once a month but can shed two eggs at once (how fraternal twins are made) it is rare but it is possible.
What time of the month does a women ovulate?
Q: I know everyone is different but on average does a women ovulate 10, or is it 15 days from day 1 of their period? What are the signs of ovulation?I know there are test you can buy to see where your body is at but I would like to know what all of you have found to be the case. Any info is appreciated.Thank you!!!
A: Go to http://www.mymonthlycycles.com and put in your period info and it will calculate when you will be fertile and ovulating plus it keeps tracks of your periods. It will even email you ahead of time to alert you of your upcoming fertile/ovulation and period dates. It is a free and very helpful website.Physical Signs of Ovulation:http://www.womenshealth.org/a/ovulation_fertility.htm
Different times of ovulation?
Q: I've read and heard MOST women experience ovulation in the middle of month. However, I have also learned that it can occur at other times. How often does it occur before/after the middle of month in women?
A: Ovulation can occur whenever a woman's body wants to. For MOST women, it is 14 days into their cycle. My FSH/LH levels were tested last month and came back extremely low, meaning I do not ovulate regularly at all. I don't even know when I really do myself. I noticed a thicker mucus discharge two days after my last period so I think I ovulated then, which is irregular. I have also gotten pregnant in the middle of my period, which means I ovulated during my period, probably on the third or fourth day. If you are trying to get pregnant, try using ovulation strips to help determine your personal ovulation schedule.

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