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How long is a baby in a womb for

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Pregnancy is a 9 month cycle in the average woman. - Thank you for using ChaCha! Text back soon with more questions! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-is-a-baby-in-a-womb-for ]
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How long is a baby in the womb for?
A human baby is in the womb for about 9 months.
How long are baby fish in the womb?
Fish do not carry offspring in a womb. They lay eggs. The amount of time spent in the egg varies from species to species.
When your water breaks, can a baby live for a long time in uterus...?
There are some women who have their membranes rupture at 23 weeks or earlier and end up carrying their babies to 34-36 weeks, so yes. BUT, if a woman is due and her membranes rupture, labor should begin and the baby should hopefully be deli...

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How long can the baby stay in the womb after the mothers water breaks?
Q: There is a girl at my church who is only 29 weeks into her pregnancy and her water broke. I was told that the doctors are giving her medicine to stop labor and keep the baby in the womb and help it develop longer. I thought that once the water broke that labor was iminant and that the baby could not stay in the womb for more than 16 hours after that. I heard what the doctors are doing second hand so I thought maybe the person who told me was confused or something. What do you think?
A: No, that does happen, though not very often. At 29 weeks, the doctors will really try to keep the baby in there as long as possible because it is so early to face the world. Especially if the woman is currently in the hospital, I find it very possible that the person you got the info from is correct.I have heard of doctors continuing pregnancy for weeks after the water breaks, but that is rather rare.
starvation during pregnancy? How long can a baby live inside a womb before dieing of starvation?
Q: Most people can live up to 2 months without eating anything, fat people can live up to 7 months without eating anything. Im wondering because of people who starve in different countries but are still able to make babies. How long can the fetus stay inside the womb before dieing of starvation? starvation meaning, no eating anything at all.doesn't the baby die first? are there any websites with this kind of research?
A: There are always nutrients in the body. Baby takes all that it need from mom and mom gets the left overs.If mom dies, then so does baby.
how long do baby hamsters stay in the womb before being born?
Q: my hamster disney is pregnant but how long do the babies devolp in the womb before the mother gives birth
A: 16-18 days gestation normally for a Syrian, 18-21 days for a Russian, 21-23 days for Chinese and 23-30 days for Robo's.

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