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How long does it take for a girl to know that she is pregnant

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One can think she is pregnant by feeling nausea and queasiness. One can take a pregnancy test before period to see. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-it-take-for-a-girl-to-know-that-she-is-pregnant ]
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How long will it take before a girl knows she's pregnant??
It depends wether she is on any pills or medicine that would effect her period to find out. If she is not on any pills that would effect her period then after a few missed periods she should see a doctor because is probably pregnant or taki...
When having sex how long does it typically take to get a girl pre...?
pregnancy It can take 1 time to many times, thais is a gigt from god.. And if you continue without protection it is bound to happen sooner or later. If you are trying to predict when the best time to get pregnant then you can buy a ovulatio...
How Long Does it take for a girl get pregnant?
It can take weeks to years to get pregnant dependant on the woman. Some can get pregnant from looking at sperm (not literally just a figure of speech) and some can take years and years. If she took the test correctly and she's still missing...

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how long does it take for a girl to find out if she's pregnant?
Q: i have a friend and he wants to know if his girls pregnant. if you tell me i would like you very... jk but thanx in advance.
A: A couple weeks after they have sex. Like 2-3. Some women produce the hcg in higher amounts sooner. I just found out I'm pregnant yesterday and I conceived 2 1/2 weeks ago.
How long does it take for signs to show that a girl is pregnant?
Q: How long from making love, Does it take for a girl to realize shes pregnant? How long? Days? Weeks? Wat? Help?
A: You can see symptoms start 8 days past ovulation but in most women they don't see symptoms until 2 weeks after ovulation if not longer. It really just depends.
When a girl thinks shes pregnant and she goes to the doctor to get checked, how long does it take to find out?
Q: My friend went to doctors, and she's still there, how long does it take to find out the results?
A: Unless the pregnancy is very well established and can actually be felt with a manual exammination (past the first trimester), the doctor will have to do a blood or urine test to confirm.A urine test takes about 2 minutes. A blood test can be taken and the results back within a few hours, depending on the pathology lab.How long it will take for her appointment will depend on how busy the doctor's office is and what the doctor finds when he'she exammines her.

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