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How long does breast milk stay fresh

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Once you have frozen and thawed breastmilk and put it in the refrigerator, we usually say that 24 hours is the limit. Once it MORE [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-breast-milk-stay-fresh ]
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How long will breast milk stay fresh for my baby?
It is generally accepted that you can refrigerate breast milk for three to five days and freeze it for three to six months. Don't freeze milk you plan to use within three to five days because freezing destroys some of the antibodies. (Howev...
What's the best way to store breastmilk? How long will it stay fr...?
To store breastmilk safely, choose containers that are sterilised and airtight. There are a number of breastmilk freezer bags that you can buy to store your milk in but you may find that they are prone to leaks, tears, and punctures and may...
How long will breast milk stay fresh in Philips Avent Storage con...?
"You can safely store breast milk up to 3 months in a freezer or up to 6 months in a deep freeze." Editorial Review Designed specifically for use with the Avent breast pump, this set of four breast-milk storage containers offers a...

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How long can Breast milk stay out the Fridge?
Q: My wife expressed late last night, we kept it in the fridge until this morning warmed it up fed our baby, she drank half of it and left the other half. I have this special insulated bottle carrier which keeps it warm through the day, how long can this milk stay fresh.
A: Actually, freshly pumped breastmilk can stay out at room temperature for up to 10 hours. Previously frozen milk is one hour. I wouldn't keep the milk warm though, and would imagine that may shorten the time.
how long can refridgerated breast milk stay good at room temperature?
Q: i knoe fresh can stasy good for like 10 hours,just wondering about cooled, that has not been drank from at all.
A: In the newborn ICU where I work, the general rule is no longer than 4-6 hours. That's if you don't want to give the baby a sore gut.
How long will my breastmilk stay fresh from the freezer to the fridge?
Q: I know most of the rules of storing breast milk. And I know that breast milk that has been frozen and thawed can last in the fridge for 24 hours. But does that mean breast milk that has been thawed by sitting in the fridge or breast milk that is being thawed by sitting at room temp.? Because I thaw my breast milk by moving it from the freezer to the fridge and it takes about two days for it to thaw completely, which is past 24 hours.
A: You should not thaw your breast milk. Heat up water in the microwave for one minute. When you take your breast milk out of the freezer, put it directly in hot water. Then transfer the milk to the bottle. Breast milk from the freezer needs to be used within 24 hours and should not ever go from the freezer to the fridge.

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