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How long are cats usually in labor for

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Cats are usually in labor for less than 24 hours. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-are-cats-usually-in-labor-for ]
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How long does labor usually last in cats?
hi everyone i have a question my cat has been meowing for the past 6 hours and she is pregnant and dued to have her kittens today but shes not showing no intrest in giving birth,how can i tell if shes in labor ?what are the signs of labor f...
When a cat goes into labor, how long does it usually take before ...?
check this website please it has loads of information that tells you about Labor and Delivery in Felines http://www.hdw-inc.com/delivery.htm#purchase
How long does a cat usually stay in labor before?
A cat can labor up to 24 hours before producing the first kitten - if she has been actively pushing more than 4 hours on her first kitten and nothing is happening, she needs immediate veterinary attention as the kitten may be too large to f...

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Pregnant cat, Bleeding...?
Q: okay, so I have asked I think 5 questions now about my pregnant cat.. Anyways today at 6:40pm my cat started bleeding from the Virgina, it was light bleeding though. Now at 9:41 pm, she is meowing alot. And she will lay down for about 15 min then she will get up again and go lay somewhere else. I am sure she is going into labor. But how long does labor usually last? Its been 3 hrs. now since she started bleeding ( It was VERY lightly) I dont think she requires Emergency medical care, but I do plan on taken her to the vet in the morning. (She has already made 3 trips to the vet so far, with her pregnancy) So, does anyone have a average guess on how much longer untill she gives birth?
A: Cats are very clever and can hold there kittens in for up to 3 days! Make sure her blood is a red colour, if it turns brownish or greenish that will mean a placenta bag has broken from a kitten inside and will die inside her. Watch if she is straining intensely for more than 30 minutes, if she is she may have a kitten stuck in her birth canal. Keep your vet posted and they will tell you if she has to come in for a c section. And don't panic, stay calm for your girl, she will need you for comfort.
Signs of labor for a cat?
Q: My cat is getting more and more pregnant by the day. I am not sure how far along she is. It was a bit of a shock when we found out. It seems that daily she is getting larger. She is constantly grooming herself. Eating very little, but still eating atleast. She sleeps alot. Still jumps from the bed down or from a chair down to the floor. She actually slept ALL night in a little bed we made her right next to our bed. She is usually the hyper active one at night. During the day she still sleeps a lot now too. When you touch her tummy or just lay a hand on it you can feel the kittens moving around in there. She has some weird moments when she wakes up and just attacks the closest cat to her. Not in a vicious way. Just wakes up out of a dead sleep and pounces. Her nipples are getting harder & larger, although not leaking yet. Any ideas how much longer it may be?Mightyone - That is EXACTLY where my kitty is! :)
A: My cat went into hiding. She found herself a quiet, private place (in a closet) and only came out when she had trouble having one of the kittens. As soon as I had helped, she took the newborn and went back into hiding.All the best with your new and larger family!!The Muse
How long until she gives birth?
Q: My youngest cat (13-14 mnths) is currently 56 days pregnant, a couple hours ago she was laying down in one of her perch sites. She looked as though she was trying to sleep and in pain at the sametime. But for her to sleep there is highly unusual, as it is not one of her sleeping areas. On top of that she's usually a very hyper cat around this time. I was petting her for awhile and she got up and walked around and ate some kitty kibble, and when to lay down in another of her perching areas.Her bum and *ahem* also have some white fluid around them... could she be in labour? Or does mean she's having her babies soon??
A: White fluid as in creamy colour is the mucus plug coming away, but if its white like clear water then her waters have just broke,and a cat is pregnant for 9 weeks there about so it seems her labour has begun, as trying to sleep but in pain tells me she is have a look at her tummy you should be able to see it move with each contraction,she is restless and cant get comfortable thats the reason she goes elsewhere after food she cant decide where is best as she is in discomfort,try giving her a nesting area so that she can go there to have them a box will be fine(remove staples to prevent injury)and place it on its side so that she can get in and out easily as she will pace about for hours yet,a cats labour can last 12 hours or even 24 hours but has been known to go up to 32 hours especially with a first litter,and it takes an hour or two between the birth of each kitten so you have a long wait,she will get more restless as the time goes by and even pant and meow as each contraction strikes so just give her some reasurance but give her privacy too if she decides she wnat it,and once born be sure to give her privacy or she could move them or even reject them if not left alone ,another thing you could do is place her feeding dishes close to her nesting area now and after the birth as new mums dont like leaving the kittens for long, and will rush with their food, good luck with the coming birth.

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