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How far along pregnant do you have to be for a home pregnancy test to work

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I think it depends on the brand read boxes of different ones. Is there anything else ChaCha can help you with? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-far-along-pregnant-do-you-have-to-be-for-a-home-pregnancy-test-to-work ]
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How far along do u have to be for a home pregnancy test to work??
well in my personal experience I took a home pregnancy test around the time my period was due and it came back negative. But a week later i still did not have my period and did another test this time it came back positive. so in my personal...

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How far along pregnant can you be and still test negative on an at home pregnancy test?
Q: I am convinced that I am pregnant and have tested negative on two early response tests, but I have morning sickness, shortness of breath and breast tenderness...all the signs (I know my body).....What can I do!? To catch this problem before it becomes to far along! Many places are refusing to give me a sonogram, unless I can test positive on early response! (yikes) I am terrified!....I have been pregnant before and I have every sign possible. I have heard of women testing negative for months before finding out they are pregnant.......How common is this? Is there any time distance along that this would become impossible?
A: I tested every other day, and did not get a positive until I was 2 months pregnant. Even the urine tests the doctor gave me came up neg.
in order for a pregnancy test to detect im pregnant how far along would i have to be?
Q: ok..i went to the doctor the third week of june and found out i was pregnant...they said i was 7 weeks. Its July and they tellin me im onli 9 weeks now based on the measurements of the baby. I took a home pregnancy the first week of june and thats when i found out i was pregnant. It all just doesnt make sense because i thought you had to be at least five weeks for a home pregnancy test to know you are pregnant. The doctors said i got pregnant in the end of may but i had already missed my period by then because i didnt come on in the month of may?! and i found out the first week of june....i need explaining of how far along i may be and when is a home pregnancy test able to detect im pregnant....p.s.i dont remeber exactly my last period but it was in april. and i bled for one day at the end of may.
A: right well pregnancy tests are that sensitive now you can find out after ten days, i thought i was 2 and half weeks when i found out but when i went doctors they told me i was 4 and half weeks??? didnt make sense but what they do is use your first date from your last period, so basically your pregnant even when your not, your body normally takes two weeks to release an egg and this is all pary of pregnancy! cos i was away on business in america for 5 weeks so i know my exact concieved date and they have give me a date that was two weeks before i was even home, so its defo true, hope this helps and i havent confused you too much, good luck!!!! am eleven weeks now got my scan on 1st august CANT WAIT!!!!
How far along pregnant can you be, while testing negative with an at home pregnancy test (first response).?
Q: I have been hearing horror stories from women saying they had periods for 3 -6 months while still be pregnant and not finding out until to late to do anything about it! (scary stuff!)...Is it possible to test negative repeatedly on an at home pregnancy test? (I am sure that it is if the hormone is not strong enough in your body for some odd reason)...but how long (worse case senerio) is this possible for? Could this happen for 3 months, until it is too late to have an abortion?(at the 12 wk. cut-off) Or would it definitely show up by the 8th week, no matter if you were still having periods or not?
A: Some people may never show a positive result in a urine or blood test until past the 4th month and some, although rare, never show a positive test and must confirm their pregnancy via ultrasound. If you are worried that you may be pregnant, are getting negative results consistently. then see a doctor.

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