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How do you know when a girl is fertile

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Women usually ovulate 12-14 days after the 1st day of their period. It not exact, so always use protection. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-know-when-a-girl-is-fertile ]
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How do you know if a girl is fertile...?
when she has signs of ovulation. Do your research on what ovulation is and what the symptoms are.
When do you know that a girl is fertile or not?
A young girl is usually fertile some time after her first period. She is still too young. Take your temperature everyday first thing in the morning. After three months, this should give you a good idea of when you are most fertile. Your tem...
How can you know if a girl is fertile? is she feeling the same or...?
Unless you know exactly when she ovulates every month, which can't be known without charting her ovulation for several months, you must assume she is always fertile.

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When is a girl least fertile during her cycle?
Q: I've heard everything from the week before she menstrates from two weeks after or during. Which is it?And when on birth control, does this still apply even the slightest bit?
A: depends, some women ovulate before their period, some during and most after. BC wont make a difference. hope this helps
can a girl be fertile when shes irregular with her period?
Q: my gf is irregular with her period.shes been late over three months.can she be fertile.we been having sex for the pass 3 weeks.i came inside of her and wana know if she could get pregnant?
A: She can absolutely get pregnant. Periods and ovulation do not always go hand in hand. Yes, usually when a woman body works properly, she will ovulate and if the egg is not fertilized, get have a period. But, ovulation will not always trigger a period, and periods can happen without ovulation. I have always been extremely irregular (periods every 40 or 50 days) and I had NO problems getting pregnant 2 times, both while on some form of birth control.
when is a girl most fertile?
Q: is a girl fertile 3 days after her period ended?
A: Not usually but you cant trust this for birth control. Usually you ovulate around 14 days of the first day of your menstrual cycle. This is when you are most fertile.

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