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How do you know if your pregnant if your still having your period

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You should take a pregnancy test. You can buy one at most pharmacies, or just ask ChaCha and we'll find you a clinic. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-know-if-your-pregnant-if-your-still-having-your-period ]
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How do you know you are pregnant if you are still having a period...?
Take a pregnancy test. Visit your MD.

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If your period is due tomorrow can you get pregnant today?
Q: My period was due yesterday, but the day before I had sex with my boyfriend (unprotected) can I be pregnant? I still havent gotten my period.
A: You can only get pregnant around the time you ovulate, and if you know for sure that you have already ovulated and your period is FOR SURE due yesterday, then no, you couldn't get pregnant, but if your unsure that you already ovulated, you can still get pregnant. Take a test because you may have ovulated already and gotten pregnant. Its really hard to say unless you are charting your ovulation cycle and know for sure the exact ovulation date. Also, its important to know that you can get pregnant AROUND the time you ovulate. For example, my husband and I had sex 3 days before I ovulated and I am now 15 weeks pregnant. My advice, take a pregnancy test in the morning.
Is it possible to still be pregnant, even if you get your period after having sex?
Q: Could I still be pregnant, even if I get my period on it's scheduled day? Or is having your period a sure-sign that you're not pregnant? The period was more than a week after having sex.
A: no.... having your period is a sure sign that you are not pregnant.
What if you had sex...and two days later you had your period..can you still be pregnant ?
A: I am in the Medical Field Work for an OB and I am a Mother of 3NO.. You got your period because you already ovulated the egg didn't fertilize and the uterus sloughed off ( shed ) the blood and tissue

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