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How can I make myself start my period

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You cannot make yourself start your period. Your body is on a cycle and it will start when the time is right. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-i-make-myself-start-my-period ]
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Can I make myself start my period?
You could only make it start early if you are on the pill. Otherwise, bring some supplies. Try Instead. They are wonderful!
Is there anyway i can make myself start my period?
Well, that's pretty late to start, but some people don't even start until they're 17! Trust me, you'll get your period eventually. You can't make it come, but it's better that you don't have it yet! I'm 11 and I hate having my period! It's ...
How can i make myself start my period early so i dont ruin my wed...?
I cant help you that much cause you specific on how earlier you wanted ur period. But rumors said that green tea brings ur period 2-4 days early. i haven't started so im doing it and im bloating and getting a few headaches. Stressing makes ...

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How can I make myself start my period?
Q: I am past due to start my period and it isn't abnormal nor am I pregnant. The PMS symptoms are killing me! Bloating, over eating, fatigue, break outs, tender breasts, irritated and annoyed with the world! How do I or can I make myself start my period! Once I start all the symptoms completely go away! Midol, Advil or any other type of over-the-counter drugs do not help! I need relief!
A: Have you tried talking to your Ob/Gyn about your problem? Although many answers can be found online, in cases such as yours you are better off consulting your doctor. You can also try calling Planned Parenthood (check the link below). Good luck!
What can I do make myself start my period?
Q: what can i do to make me start my period?
A: Parsley Tea always seems to help me when i have a late period. If you trying to start a period earlier than expected, It generally wont work.When my period is either expected in a few days, or a few days late, I simply drink A LOT of tea with parsley!Basically boil some water, and put parsley in it. let it boil for a bit, and then use a strainer to poor it in a cup so the parsley doesn't get into your drink. Works usually within 48 hours! (Ive done this countless times, and its never failed me!)also Parsley Suppositories work FANTASTIC as well. (TMI sorry!)Just get some cheese cloth, put parsley in it, and basically use it like a tampon. Its gross, but the Parsley actually causes your uterus to contract, thus, expelling the old tissue causing Miss Aunt Flow to come :)oh, and LOTS of Vitamin C :)Sorry i said Parsley so much, Its the only way i can get my point across i suppose!Hope this helped and good luck!
Can I make myself start my period earlier on the pill?
Q: This Saturday I'm making a 14 hour drive to FL, and unfortunately this is when I'm supposed to take my period. I only have a couple of white pills left before I start the sugar pills, and I was wondering if I could go ahead and stop taking these white pills so that I start my period before Saturday. This way, I will either be off my period or on the last day so that the blood is a lot less. I don't want to do that unless its healthy.
A: its unhealthy. you should not do that.but.... whatever..

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