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Do you feel cramps when your pregnant

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Yes, some women experience abdominal cramping early in pregnancy. These cramps are similar to menstrual cramps. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-you-feel-cramps-when-your-pregnant ]
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Do you cramp when your pregnant?
Some women do and others don't. They may go away after a few months. When I was pregnant with my youngest boys, I cramped and even spotted a little. My doctor told me it is completely normal. Good Luck!
How long does early pregnancy cramping last?
Almost like your period is coming, but it usually is to one side or in the middle, But not much different than pms cramps. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_does_early_pregnancy_cra...
Is it normal to feel cramps during early pregnancy?
Hi, I would have to say yes . When I was pregnant i felt cramps in early pregnancy due to my body was strecthing and shifting into place for the baby. Or the cramps could be due to early contractions which are there for preparing the body f...

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when do you start feeling cramps when your pregnant.?
Q: ok so my sister thinks shes pregnant in fact she thinks shes one week pregnant and says its too early to get a blood test done to tell her if she is. she said shes having side affects of a cramp to her right side like shes getting her period but its not due for another week. so my question is when do you start feeling cramps when your pregnant.my sister is 24 and getting married in 3 months.
A: Well implantation alone can take up to 10 days. So if she had unprotected sex 1 week ago, she may not even technically be pregnant yet. It's different for all women. I'm not sure that she would experience any symptoms this early. However, symptoms tend to be similar to pms. I had swollen/sore breasts 1 week before my expected period. And the cramps came about 1 week after I missed my period. So I was about 4 weeks pregnant at that point. I get cramps now at 13 weeks mostly from all the muscles/tendons stretching to make room for the baby. I'm sure that goes for all women. You experience cramps around 4+ weeks. Keep in mind that some women dont even get cramps or any symptoms for a while.
Do you sometimes feel cramps around your lower abdominal area when you are pregnant?
Q: Cos right now, I feel so at times and my breasts now are sore and heavy. I haven't get myself a pregnancy test yet..My last period begins on 1st of April and ends on 6th. I have visited a doc on 11th for Pap Smear as well as body check-up and doctor says that I've ovulated already. so shall I get myself a test now?I'm afraid disappointment again..
A: i know how you feel i'm 14 weeks now and i get lower abdominal pains the whole pregnancy so farthe only way to find out is a test you'll drive yourself nuts if you wait and then the disappointment will be greater
do you usually feel abdominal cramps when you have sex if you are pregnant?
Q: do you feel cramps when you are pregnant and have sex?
A: Avoid deep penetration to avoid abdominal cramps.

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