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Do girls get cramps if they are pregnant

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Some women do report slight cramping in the first few weeks of pregnancy. Unlimited ChaCha, call 1-800-2ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-girls-get-cramps-if-they-are-pregnant ]
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Do girls get cramps during pregnancy?
Maryn is correct, although I might add pregnant women have muscular cramping from the changes in the position of their spine and muscle fatigue. In the very late final trimester uterine cramping is a process of delivery! EDIT: MOLLYB It's i...
Why do some girls get cramps and bleed during pregnancy??
that question could not really be answered. Not even by a doctor really because everyone is different. Though pregnancy is suppose to stop the flow of bleeding/period, some women do tend to still have it throughout the pregnancy and the doc...

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My Girls Been Having Cramps On Her Upper Part Of Her Virgina And Feeling Dissy With Headaches Is She Pregnant?
Q: The Last Time We Had Sex Was The 21st Of August She Missed Her Period Then Got Scared Of Being Pregnant And 4 Days Later Took The Morning After Day pil Spotted A Bit The Day She Took It And Then After Days Passed Her Blood Seem Really Dark And Abnormal And Shes Been Getting Mild Headaches And Dissyness And Cramps This Has Been Happening For About 5 Days Nows Is She PREGNANT????
A: rotfllll
Does a girl get stomach cramps or pain in the stomach if she were about 9-10 weeks pregnant?
Q: Maybe this girl isn't pregnant, and this is just a simple stomach ache.Just wondering. Thanks for your comments.
A: If she's having a miscarriage, yes. A normal pregnancy, there should not be cramps.
im 39+6 days pregnant and have been gettin cramps now and agin but then they just stop what could this be?
Q: im 39+6 days pregnant and im gettin cramps now and again but then they just stop and im like nooooooooo because im gettin tired and impatient now. im going to have a vindaloo tomorrow hopefully it might work. im worried though as i have a young child 18 months whoes ill and i just dont know how ill manage with her going to my grans for a couple days im really going to miss her :(. anyway i just dont know when im having my baby girl and its gettin me down now. do these cramps mean anything? see with my first i never really had any cramps that stopped they were regular really. someone give me any advice please :)
A: maybe its just your body getting ready to go into labour, just be ready anytime you are due any day now. also if you worried about leaving the lil one just get a quick discharge i got to leave the hospital 7 hours after giving birth xx good luck xx

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