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Can you make a women lactate

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It is possible to induce lactation or establish and build up a milk supply in a woman who has never given birth to a child. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-make-a-women-lactate ]
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How To Make A Woman Lactate
What a stupid explaination. However a women will lactate as long as she has an infant to drink it. If she weans the child off. She will stop producing within a few week to about a month
Why didn't god make men have breasts like women to breastfeed??
because god thinks women are werethy and stronge a noff o do the job and also, when a women becomes pregnant and has her baby milk is put in the breast and thats how a baby feeds on her mother.

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Can women lactate without being pregnant?
Q: Are women able to lactate without pregnancy? How exactly does it work?
A: Yes but it's rare. They can also lacate with medication. I don't know how the ones without medication do it but there are documented cases of adoptive mothers starting to lactate.
Can a non pregnant women make her self start to lactate?
A: Yes, it is called a wet nurse. They had been used for mothers with multiple births and couldn't adequately nurse all of the babies herself or a mother who is a drug addict etc. Also, historically higher class or noble women did not breast feed they used wet nurses, so they could bear children sooner to ensure an heir.
Do women lactate after having abortions?
Q: I figure people on here might know the answer to this. Wikipedia says it can start from the 4th month of pregnancy but I thought it happened later. So when does the female body start to lactate, and does having an abortion affect that?So if they return to normal after an abortion, what prevents them from doing so 3 months after a to term pregnancy? Can the body tell if the milk is being used?
A: They can. They usually do after the 1st trimester is past, say at 18 weeks but it is very possible to have light lactation as early as the 10th week of pregnancy.I think that lactation after an abortion fades down in just a few weeks as a woman's HCG levels decline. I'm sure it varies slightly from woman to woman. Hope this helped.Edit: I'm not sure what you are asking? Breastfeeding stimulates milk production in a lactating woman. And it is normal to breastfeed for over a year. If a woman does not breastfeed after having a baby her progesterone and oestrogen levels will climb to pre pregnancy levels and she will ovulate and start a new cycle again.

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