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Can you get pregnant when having an ovarian cyst

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You can usually still get pregnant if just a cyst or just one ovary is removed. It also depends on the type of cyst. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-get-pregnant-when-having-an-ovarian-cyst ]
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How to get pregnant when i had ovarian cyst? Please I need advice...?
Apparently you don't have a great degree of confidence in your doctor. You need to consult another doc, preferably female because they tend to listen better and to take reproductive matters more seriously. You want a reproductive specialist...
Can you still get pregnant while having ovarian cysts??
Yes most certainly you can get pregnant while having cysts. It is very normal to have pain, sometimes severe, while ovulating when you have a cyst. Of course pain (especially severe) could also signal that a cyst is rupturing. So if it is i...
How long does it take to get pregnant after yo've had an ovarian ...?
Oh, wow. I'm so sorry about your miscarriage :( I had no idea that ovarian cysts could even cause miscarriages, though. My mother had an ovarian cyst when she was pregnant with my eldest sister and had throughout the entire pregnancy, then ...

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Is it possible to get pregnant when you have an ovarian cyst?
Q: Just rhetorical..I'm not trying to use it as birth control or anything like that. An ovarian cyst is when the egg doesn't make it into the fallopian tubes, and instead lands on the outside and forms a cyst, correct? So if the egg never makes it to the uterus, is it possible to become pregnant that month? I'm just curious..
A: yes, very possible.
Is having an ovarian cyst affect my chances of getting pregnant?
Q: I have two small ovarian cyst... will it affect my changes of getting pregnant?
A: you should see your doctor about this who can refer you to have them removed laprascopicly. I had several removed about 8 years ago and i also had some before that which erupted on their own which did cause quite an amount of pain and discomfort. Once the cysts are removed they may come back and you may be faced with the prospect of having polycystic ovaries which can affect your ability to become pregnant, however if they are small like you say, talk to your doctor about this, you will probably find that it will not affect you chances of becoming pregnant just good medical management, I myself have two beautiful children and it didnt take me long to concieve at all...good luck and remember speak to your doctor..he/she can provide the best answers for you.
Can an ovarian cyst keep you from having a period and becoming pregnant?
Q: Will taking progesterone help you have a period and become pregnant
A: after progesterone you can have normal period and in 30% you can have ovulation and become pregnant - read more below

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