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Can you eat spicy foods when your pregnant

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Spicy foods are safe for your baby. They may make you uncomfortable, especially if you are near delivery because of indigestion. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-eat-spicy-foods-when-your-pregnant ]
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Is it safe to eat spicy foods while pregnant?
Yes, it fine as long as you are comfortable with it. It may cause heartburn.
Is it safe to eat really spicy foods during pregnancy??
It's safe, but whether it's desirable is up to you. Your body will tell if you shouldn't do it. Eating spicy foods may be uncomfortable, especially in the last half to last third of pregnancy, when your stomach is sitting somewhere near you...
Why isn't good for pregnant woman to eat spicy foods??
i crave spicey food when i was pregnant with my daughter, my husband is from India so i ate allot of curry and spicy Indian pickles, i had a healthy baby girl, no heart burn either, so it depends if your body can handle the spices while you...

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Can pregnant women eat spicy foods?
Q: What are any other foods pregnant women cant eat.. and what will happen if they do?? People (not a nurse yet, i haven't talked to a nurse about this) are telling me that it will break the babys face out if a pregnant women eats spicy food... such as hot sauce, hot cheetos, jalepenoes..
A: I don't think it does anything. I have been eating a ton of spicy foods. I have had little heartburn (I am lucky).
Unhealthy to eat spicy foods while pregnant ?
Q: I'm 18 weeks pregnant and lately i been craving/eating more spicy foods like Jalapenos, curry and chillies.I'm not eating alot of these spicy foods, but can this harm my unborn baby ?thankyou
A: No eating spicy food is not dangerous to you or the baby. But if you are having morning sickness it may up set your stomach, give you heart burn, or make you really gassy. But hey that is what TUMS is for so enjoy the yummy spicy foods!
is it bad to eat spicy food when pregnant?
Q: i am 4 weeks pregnant and i always eat spicy food will i have to stop all of it or is a little fine?
A: I have read that the only time you may not want to eat spicy food is when you are nursing. This is because it will affect your breast milk.However, my mom said she ate spicy food during her pregnancy and while she was nursing me and I didn't mind at all!

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