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Can starving yourself cause a miscarriage

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Lack of nutrients needed to sustain a healthy pregnancy could lead to a miscarriage. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-starving-yourself-cause-a-miscarriage ]
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When does the risk of miscarriage go down?
Miscarriage Risk Factors. Most miscarriages occur when the unborn baby has deadly genetic problems. Usually, these problems are unrelated to the mother. Other possible causes for miscarriage include: Infection, Physical problems in the moth...
Can starving yourself for 5days cause a miscarriage??
well.. technically, it will eventually.... but the baby is going to try to get as much nutrition from your friend as possible. when the body finally has enough of something sucking the life out of it, it will eventually self abort the baby....

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can starving yourself for 5days cause a miscarriage?
Q: my friend thinks she's fat and has been starving herself for about 5 days now.. she eats and what she does eat is like cafeteria food. she's pregnant and doesnt think that will kill the baby. it can cant it?shes only about 6 weeks alongshes only about 6 weeks along
A: Uh Yes.Her body may actually think it's starving and will expel the baby to save the mothers life. If she's pregnant she's going to get much "fatter" that's the point, the mother gains weight for the benefit and health of the child.
if you starve yourself while pregnant can it cause a miscarriage?
A: just some advice, if you don't want to be pregnant USE BIRTH CONTROL! Prevent it, don't be stupid.

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