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Can i get pregnant if i dont have my period

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Yes it is physically possible to get pregnant even though you've not started your period yet. Have a great and keep ChaChaing! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-i-get-pregnant-if-i-dont-have-my-period ]
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Can i get pregnant if i dont have a period?
There is a pill to help jump start your period...if you are trying to get pregnant you need to talk to your doctor about the next steps from birth control to no birth control They will be able to help you with the next step. I was never on ...
Could i get pregnant even if i dont have a period??
Yes, you can still get pregnant. You can ovulate while breastfeeding. That's why my husband and I used the pull out method while breastfeeding. Sure, I can still get pregnant by his pre-***, but it's not near has bad as him actually ejacula...
How can i get pregnant when i dont have periods?
if you havent gotten your period yet you need to stay in school and ask your parents about the sex change when you were born

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Can U still get pregnant if you dont have a Period?
Q: Well I am a virgin,but I am ready to have sex with ma boyfriend! I am not exact on my period Ill get it a month then I wont get it for 2 or 3 months do I still have that possibility of getting pregnant if we dont use protection???I meant even If I dont get my period?
A: Yes, you ca still be ovulating and not have a period. I had amenorrhea (no periods) for six years due to anorexia, but at certain times, through blood tests they could see I was still ovulating. Similarly, you may be young and have never had a period yet, but have already started ovulating. You don't get pregnant WHEN you have your period, your period is just the end of the fertility cycle. You need to always use protection, or you will get pregnant.
Do women always miss period when they are pregnant ? they dont have perios at all ?
Q: I have a friend wo got pregnant long time ago but she did abortion, she said to me that she still got period.I didnt ask more about that and i dont understand by that. Does that happen sometimes ? As i know women always miss period when they are pregnant.
A: when my mother was pregnant with me she had a period the entire time....so no they don't always stop having a period...although it is not a normal occurance...
How do i calculate how pregnant i am dont remember last period?
Q: I believe my last period was sometime at the end of May 2008 this is my best guess. i am very irregular since 14 years of age . so last period was in may and i just found out I'm pregnant aug 26. i do not think im that far along. Could i have gotten pregnant in between may and aug even though i never got a period in the following months. and how can i tell how far along i am ? Please help Going CRAZY.
A: I had no idea how far along I was either and I told my OB this and she made an appointment for an ultrasound because they can measure the size of the yolk sac or baby depending how far along you are and that will estimate how many weeks and your due date (which could change.) The first time I went in was at 5 weeks and had an ultrasound, they set my due date at January 7th. Then I went in around 11 weeks for a routine 10 weeks ultrasound and it had changed to the 6th which isnt a big deal but they can change. Good luck! You should have booked an appt with your OB anyways to get you checked out and set up your ultrasound and get blood taken and blah dee dah! Good luck and Congrats!!

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