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Can a woman spot if she is pregnant

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Yes, a woman can spot if she's pregnant. It's called implantation bleeding and it usually happens 7-10 days after conception. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-a-woman-spot-if-she-is-pregnant ]
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How long does it take for a woman to start spotting while she is ...?
While some women do spot (especially after sex or a pelvic exam because the cervix is quite friable), it's not something to be expected with every pregnancy. In fact, if your friend does spot, she needs to call her practitioner (doctor or m...

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How old is the brown blood that pregnant women spot in the begining of pregnancy?
Q: I keep hearing that the brown spotting pregnant women have is old blood. My question how old is the blood? Is it from months ago or weeks?
A: If you are pregnant and having any type of spotting, call your doctor.
Does a woman spot when she is pregnant or she doesn't what have been your experiences?
Q: Thanks guys for all the help.
A: Every person is different and there pregnancy's I have personally never spotted while I have been preg. Yet, a couple of weeks when I went to the doctor she found a bruise over the baby yet not close enough to hurt it and she told me that I MIGHT spot yet to not be alarmed! Yet, there are other reason that could be for spotting. GOOD LUCK
What does it mean when a woman spots when pregnant?
Q: I am 8 months pregant and I have been spotting for about 2 days. And when I spot it is not bloody. It is like membrames or tissue. If anybody has any answers can you please tell me as soon as possible. Because I am really worried.I have like cramping now when I spot sometimes
A: Most likely your cervex is thinning out getting ready for delivery. If possible contact you doctor to make sure everything is going as scheduled and the baby is doing well. You could have an early delivery. You didn't indicate if you have any cramping.

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