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I feel sick but i dont know what i have... All my joints ache, my head is shooting pains...?

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I am either freezing or burning.. but my temp is 96, my back hurts, and i know i should eat but i am not hungry.
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How long has this been going on for. Did it start slowly, or did you wake up with it. Sorry, but I think we need a lil more info.
ever heard of 911 ? sounds to me like tick bite with rocky mountain spotted feverwww.kcm.orgwww.joycemeyer.org
Youve got flu.... and this will be your last free consultation...Have med-lemon and aspirin, get in bed and sleep...
It sounds like the flu..... But I get real achey and sick from allergies, especially when it is humid out... I'll hurt all over and feel fevered, maybe your allergic to something also?!!!!
sounds like the flu, but it's the wrong time of year. Are you hungover? That's my other guess
sounds like the flu to me too.............Rest, clear liquids and tylenol or motrin for pain/fever relief. is pregnancy a possibility?if so u should take a test.if not it sounds like a few symptoms of the flu.
Take anti-inflammatories, drink lots of water and rest.If these symptoms are longer than 24 hours, see your doctor. August and September are notorious for spinal meningitis. Don't be alarmed, there are different kinds, it may or may not be viral.
The flu or food poisoning? I would do the chicken soup, hot liquids. stay hydrated if you don't get better go to doctor.
Sounds like symtoms of the flu
ur prob have the flu..tmepature, joint pains and headach...yup gotta be the flu ...and just b/c ur not throwing up doesnt mean n e thing, nt all people with the flu get sick...im 90 percent sure thats wut u have.
Are you losing body parts, maybe leprosy? Is blood shooting out your eyes, maybe Ebola? Did you drink last night, maybe hangover? Do you have test tomorrow, maybe nerves?
u have a hangover.....
holy crap batman! you and i feel the same. i can tell you that mine is from being tired. and having horrible bout with my allergies. do what i am planning. go to bed. but before you go rub icy hot everywhere. the menthol in it will clear your sinsus and help with the headache. best of luck to you.
im no doctor but it sounds like the flu, but since it is summer, if u were in the outdoors, like camping or something you may have gotten bitten by a tick, which can cause lyme disease. It takes several weeks for those symptoms to show up though... the longer it is left untreated, the worst it gets...and the symptoms are very simaliar to the flu too.
did you severe your arm off
You've got flu. Take medicines right now!

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