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Is it supposed to hurt if you haven't had sex in awhile?

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It's been about 5 months since my husband and I split up, and I just had sex for the first time yesterday - and it hurt! Could it be because of size?
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Tell me the truth, Did it hurt your heart or swollen *****.
Sex hurts all the time.
More likely than not, painful sex for the female is a symptom of STD's, especially Chlamydia which is called the silent STD, because you can have it for years without even knowing, until one day you experience pain during sex. Get checked now.
im a guy but my girlfring has that problem so i guess so
for some tipe of woman or men so it depends on who you are
Yeah probably, I know when I don't do it for awhile it's always a little sore at first and 5 months is a long time! Also if he was bigger than you are used to that could be why as well.
You should know if the size is different; but most men have about the same size member from what I've read.Quite often, you will tighten up some after a lack of sex for several months, and this is normal. So, it may hurt the first time or two. If it continues to hurt after that, you better see a doctor, pronto.Best of all, though, you should save sex for marriage; wait until you are married again before starting. That is the way it is the best! ofcourse hun.but it also could be because u havent had it in a while so ur ***** is not adjusted to having something large in there since ur hubby..its totally natural
Yes, If you haven't had sex in awhile it will hurt, because your you know what tightened up a little and you went and stretched it out. Treat yourself to a nice warm bath.

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