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can like a 14 yr old watch porn?

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can like a 14 yr old watch porn?
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your online asking this why not just save your time and visit a porn site
can,but dont giv his/her parents no.but it is no good coz under age.n they dont no how 2 think.
very bad.....wait for 4more years
sure, they can be in em too...like a buddy of mine said...."old enough to bleed, old enogh to butcher"
ben saw it when he was six and he turned out fine for an aussie Of course they can, but they really shouldn't.
ur curious arent u
According to the terms and conditions of porn sites, you should be 18 years of age or older. Your parents should have placed the parental controls on your web browsing capabilities.You are too young to have intercourse. you are not finished school and you cant afford to take care of a child if you became pregnant.Indulging in any though for prolonged periods of time can enhance your desire to act out.Kirk Franklin was on the Oprah Winfrey show and talked about his addiction to porn. he was unable to discontinue.It caused problems in his marriage.I suggest you first learn to remove the cottage cheese that is probably embedded circa your clit and when you are 18 watch porn.
why not? although it is illegal for minors to watch porn, who can stop them at home while the parents are out? for parents out there, educate your kids on moral values well so they will know what's right and wrong for them to decide for themselves even in the absence of parents. cheers!
no good to watch pornnetdog porn filter: http://www.netdogsoft.com
she/he can but she/he dont have to and she/he should not........
why,at 14 how much inspiration do you need.
like no...not legally
hell no and did i say no aint it like bed time 4 14year olds now?
Yes they can. I started my kids on them when they were 5.
if u hav eyes, but you should not
Ya. easily. All over the internet. just like they could watch anything else. simple as watching a movie.
haha my friend always makes up funny quotes and heres one of them "if you have to ask permission to watch porn, then you aren't old enough" funny/true
Well, I guess ya could since ya got eyes, however, if the law found out, then your parents could be in big trouble for who knows what and then you could go to a foster home and those aren't fun and well. ya know being a kid is only for a short time and being an adult is like forever ya know.... enjoy being young for as long as ya can... sex isn't everything and the NSA sex is just not as great as all your friends say it is. The best sex is when ya get older and have found the one special guy, the one ya wanta spend the rest of your life with, ya know, then is when the sex is great!
I did when I was six, and turned out fine. =]
I don't know, can you? If you're not blind, then sure.

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