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what is the safety period for direct intercourse?

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My hubby dont like to use condom. He always likes to do directly. if it is not safety peroid then he does and removes his penis during ejection. is this correct way of avoiding pregnancy?
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if your that worried any he wont wear a condom go on the pill
if you do not want kids right now then you should get on some form of birth control quick because you will get pregnant by doing the way you are if hubby does not like condoms you go to local health department and get something you can use they have so many different things now days my daughter uses the ring and loves it or they have the shot and on them you don't have a monthly
He can still release seamen when he is in you. Use a condom.
you still can get pregnant even if he does this, i would get some condoms.
Well, it isnt really a very good way to avoid pregnancy.The 'safety period' is the 7th to the 21st day (you start counting from the first day of your last period) but it is also not a full proof way.Even if you use a condom, it is not 100%.. my son was concieved 3 days before my period with the use of a condom! Hehehehe...
The thing what you are doing is not corect. There is more chances of concieving.Actually unsafe period is 10th day to 16th day.Ovulation occures in these days. But there is lot of women who concievd by intercursing in the safe period. so best way of avoiding pregnency is 1.using contraceptive pills 2.getting inserted by copper-t or multiload 3.using spermicidal gel just before coitus if condom is not interested. Best option is inserting intra uterin device.----good luck He can still be releasing semenal fluid during intercourse before his full ejaculation. Without protection you always have the chance of becoming pregnant. No "safety period".
thanks for the two points and I reported you. I don't think children should be seeing this. this is personal between u and your husband.

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