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Do girls wear bra when they sleep at night?

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Will it cause any sickness by wearing bra at night?
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are u insane,no but some girls do
I do usually wear it at night to keep myself in proper shape..But when it gets uncomfortable i dont.
Some girls do, most girls don't, expectant mothers are supposed to, but I'm not a mother so I'm not sure about that one. My Mother certainly did wear a bra to bed. No ill effect will happen when wearing a bra to bed, it's probably a good idea to wear a bra if you are large breasted. If it's comfy do it. if not don't.
WELL ....no ....cuz hands of the guy can do
I think there is some scientific proved that ladies or women should sleep naked, so that their body skin can have a natural and smooth complexion because of the surrounding air. On top of this, they believe the "yang" around will make the breast big. How true ?
No it won't cause but it's uncomfortable . so NO
well my girl doesn't but some do and i heard its suppose to help to keep them from getting saggy but i am a guy what do i know
duh?who cares?
It all depends on the individual whether she prefer to wear bras when sleeping but from my experience,bras can be real uncomfortable in bed.And no,they don't cause us any sickness or illness if we wore them at night.I mean why would they?They don't emit radioactivity at night don't they girls?
Mostly do n't, but some do who are expectant mothers and who are too conscious about the shape of their breast. But, it is advisable not to wear one since it affect your free breathing. But feeding mothers should wear one to keep it in shape. it may be little uncomfortable.
i never used to wear a bra to sleep but now i do cos am breastfeeding and if i didn't wear a bra and breast pads i'd be drowning in milk by the morning,and no it doesn't cause any problems.. just a bit of discomfort at times..
I dont...I dont think it will cause any sickness...I'm nt wearing due to discomfort
no never, its uncomfortable
It's better not to wear one when you go to sleep, your breasts need to relax too!But As long as it is not too tight and not interfering with your circulation or breathing, then it should not be a problem. It really is a matter of individual preference.You should be aware that there is no truth to the rumor that wearing a bra to bed will stunt your breast growth. Another myth is that wearing a bra while sleeping helps to offset gravity and preserves form. Simply not true. Sagging is related to other issues that have nothing to do with bra wearing, such asBreast fat and tissue composition, Softening of breast ligaments and a loss of breast tissue through aging and Pregnancy!Breasts are normal body parts and need to have at least some portion of time unconstricted and free to bend and stretch. Nighttime is the body's chance to heal and recuperate from the stresses of the day. It's very important for the breasts to be loose as well, to be able to get a 'normal' blood flow into them. There is little chance of them stretching and becoming misshapen at night - they are being supported by the bed in most sleeping positions. Some believe it isn't good for your health to wear a bra 24/7, if at all.The problem with bras is that they can block the circulation of the lymph system. Try this: at the end of the day, take off your bra and look in the mirror. If you can see lines on your skin left by the bra, it is too tight. Cut the elastic in the back and sew in another small piece of elastic. Repeat the test the next day.However, bras that alter our shape, push our breasts up, have under wire, or cut off our circulation are associated with health concerns for women.According to research on women’s health, the more time spent without a bra, the better. You can take off your bra when lounging at home and, of course, while sleeping. Plenty of time spent bra-less allows you to learn what is natural and comfortable for your breasts.In one study, women wearing bras that were dangerously tight or restrictive were asked if their bras were comfortable. They said they were. Over the centuries, women have become accustomed to a variety of clothing that was detrimental to our health. no......
I don't, and no, no sickness at all. Best wishes
you are very funny .It will cause no sickness. Try and find the rreason why you would like to sleep with a bra on.It will keep your breasts supported throughout the night and if you caress their firmness you should sleep with a bra on.But is's so uncomfortable...
I once caught influenza after wearing my bra to bed.
yes some girls wear bra at night, no it will not cause any sickness.
no i dont think there is sickness
No, and no ... but perhaps a bit of discomfort...;^)
i wear a bra to bed and no it shouldn't unless it is cutting off your circulation or making you uncomfortable...-take it off...
Most don't, I think it's too uncomfortable, but everyone is different!
Mostly not. But no, wearing one to sleep is unlikely to cause sickness, but may cause some discomfort only
they may ,but I Don't.
no not all the time it can be uncomfortable
its unhealthy for your breast to wear a bra at night, especially if it is underwired.
I do and have since I was 13. I think it is a result of my self-esteem. But, I don't care. That's how I am comfortable and that's how it's going to be.
some might. I def don't
No, they don't. And it won't cause sickness, it'll just be uncomfortable.Why don't you try sleeping with one and find out? Oh yeah, because you masturbate all the time.
No sickness by wearing bra at night.

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