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Do girls lust over guys?

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some girls i have seen ask me question like howbig is your p.? is that common for girls to be sex crazed?
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sometimes girls lust over guys.But that was an inappropriate questions.
its fun, we like to see guys get nervous and shy. if u so to a strip club on ladies night we are more crazy than men!! no, not until they reach the ages of 28 - 34, when they are peaking sexually.
I guess its common for the girls you know. i was lusting over a guy just today, he had such a nice ***..I watch him bend over and almost fell off my treadmill trying to get a better look
I've found that it is very common for girls to be like that around 13 to 15. Once they do it with a few boys the excitement wears off. yes, its only natural
well..hmmm.us grls just go through stages.where we like a guy..and then we want more.but then we hate u 4 nuthin Been going on since the beginning of time. Remember the story in Genesis of how Potipher's wife lusted after Joseph, and set him up for the fall when he refused to sleep with her?
yeah.. it is, after all, human nature.. Yes. Very much so possible. As I've learned from a friend.
yes sure, why not?
Yes haha , but usually the guys are worse about that. actually majority of girls mature faster so the learn about things that is not yet on your mind. So yes females tend to think about sex more then you can imagine.
I am sure they do girls r more despo
Girls want sex as much as guys do.If you want proof - listen to girls talk among themselves when they think that no men are listening. Seriously, in my experience, about 85% of girl talk is about sex.HOWEVER - society, American society, and the cult of virginity in particular, has made it very clear that girls are not supposed to like sex, or want sex, or even be obliquely sexual, and further, that if they DO like sex, or behave sexually they are dirty, or sluts, or whores.This forces girls to deny their own desires, and their own passion - which causes a LOT of emotional and psychological trauma. Which is why so many girls are psycho - just think about it - if you were not allowed to admit that you liked sex - and if you were made fun of just for admitting that you wanted to have sex - think about how much energy it would take for you to keep that hidden. think about how aggravated you would be with the world. of course, at the end of the day, girls are like guys. we are just human being. and human beings are like animals when it comes to sex.
Yes they do as well as guys, but i think guys are more sex crazed i wish lol
I know I lust over my husband, no joke. normal thay are weard at first but thay get better thay are curis or she is teasing you
I think the girls are just trying to be cute and say it for shock value, also it could be a slutty kind of way to turn conversation to flirting Yes. It is very common. Just bc women have to be closet freaks because of society's norms doesn't mean that we don't think about sex just as much as men do. It's just that people (including other women) are quick to call a female a whore, while finding it acceptable for men to be the same way without being called whores.
Not always.It depends on their psychology when they see the guys I'm a guy. I wouldn't know. I don't recall being lusted for, except I was seduced once, by a woman who I wasn't very fond of if you would count that lust.

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