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can you bleed to death with a prolonged period?

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I have been having a heavy period for over a month now and i think i am going crazy. I cant take it anymore, birth control pills dont even stop it!
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it may be extremely annoying and a huge inconvenience, but it won't kill you.no worries :) You need to see a dr obviously. You cant bleed to death unless you had it for maybe a year or more straight.
No - you won't bleed to death. But why oh why have you not been in to see your ob/gyn before now? This is way from normal and when you think of the possibilities, they should be enough to make you run, not walk to the doctor.Please don't waste any time. I had uterine cancer and just the difference in a half inch of growth made the difference between life and death for me. I hope it isn't so serious, you may just need a D and C (not too big a deal) but please don't wait any longer. Good luck to you. Now get a move on. (signed Mom) Unless you're gushing like a river I doubt it, you maybe a little weak or anemic, but there's very little chance of yourself bleeding to death. You should get it checked out though, prolonged periods are a sign of a possible abnormality.
Yes my sister went to doctor after doctor and she was in her mid 40s and it was to early for the chang of life, but she keep on going tot he doctor she would never stop her period, and she lost so much blood she had female part taken out. no, but You can get anemic, which will only make your period longer. Go see a doctor. You may need iron tablets.

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