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can 10yr old girls have sexual intercourse?

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Daughter is all talking about her freinds are doing it?can 10yr old have intercourse?
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Definently,Girls who have actually gone through their menstrual period can actually be in desired to have sex. Something to do with their hormone system. Yes, they can also become pregnant.
You should definately have "the talk" with your daughter. I can't believe that kids are even thinking about these kinds of things at such an early age. Maybe you should talk to your daughter's friends parents and let them have an insight about what is going on with their childrens lives!! Yes they are capable of sexual intercourse at 10 but should abstain until their grown.
Lord, Thank you so much for giving me boys! I'll never ask why again!! I just recieved my answer lol .You really need to talk to her,, and tell her that she will get preganant and it hurts really bad..
Now that's a sticky situation!
if they have started their period yes.
technically, yes. morally, legally, and emotionally, NO. your daughter may just be bragging, but there is a lot of sex happening at earlier and earlier ages. go to your school counselor and find out what they are doing about it.
can they? yes. should they? h*ll NO!
NO! way too young to be thinking about that.have you heard of STD? it is a bacteria or virus that can illiminate a female having babies f0rever. No one should be thinking about his until they are 21.
Though it's a bit different in different girls, physically girls grow up and are know as mature girls from age of 9 and the reproductive system in their body starts working. But having sex at early ages can seriously damage both their physical and mental health. If in cases they need to satisfy themselves and their feelings, they can try masturbation, but not sex.Not recommended!
Her vagina can be penetrated by a penis. So, yes. If she has developed early, she might even feel the desire to. It is even possible she could get pregnant. That said: a 10 year old lacks the emotional maturity needed to enter into sexual relationships.

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