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can you become a virgin again after 6months without sex?

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because a friend of mine told me if a female who has gone atleast 6 months without sex her hymen grows back true or false
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that would be false!!
Your friend is giving you a grand lie.once you have intercourse.YOU WILL NEVER BE A VIRGIN AGAIN! and you can take that to the bank!
I wish
no once u do it, that's it. sorry
its a little true in medical becaz if u r not having sex from a long period then hymen (a type of connective tissue which always tends to grow) a little increases but not so much that u be a virgin again,so dont be in dreams that u be a virgin if u not having sex since 6 months. Source(s):i m doctor
No is u crazy or something.
It ain't gonna happen. False.
your friend is living in a dream world. very rare cases does it grow back.
Firstly u should get u r basics right loosing virginity has got nothing to do with hymen.hymen can break for reasons other than sex too,like cycling ,horse riding or any other physical exercise.There will be so many women who are virgin but there hymen may be broken.There are also cases, though rare where penetration dosen't break hymen because it is very elastic in that case.
That is not true, but it is funny! Even if the hymen did grow back (which it will not) you will still have had sex.
though the hymen will not grow back in 7 years, it is true that every cell in your body will have died and been replaced with new ones in 7 years, so some might say that technicly after that you are a virgin again. Gimme a call in 7 years.
False. Once it goes, it goes.
NO, BUT they have plastic surgery for that. They can cut and stitch and make you a brand new hymen!! But that doesn't make you a virgin, you can never regain virginity, but sweety, you will ALWAYS have the box you kept it in!
completely false. if you have sex your hymen stays broken. there's no way to become a virgin again once you've done it already.
no once you broke it you cant go back False! Once it's broke, it's broke..you can never get your virginity back.
totally false.
it takes seven years without sex or any penetration for the hymen to grow back
NOOOOO! once yu have sex you are no longer a virgin. and the hymen will not grow baaaaaaccckkkk !
false, that's not true
That's funny. She should watch the 40 year old virgin, which by the way is funny as hell. Not that it has anything to do with a hymen but it just reminded me of it.
The hymen does not grow back, that's completely false. Once you lose your virginity, you cannot have it back. It's a once in a lifetime event.
LOL Your friend is so silly! A virgin is someone who has never had sex. You cannot "become" a virgin, you con only become NOT a virgin.
ummm. no u cannot become a virgin again ur vagina just tightens up and ur hymen just stays there because when u lose ur virginity it doesent go any where and it never will(unless u cut it off)
Once it is torn your hymen does not grow back ever.

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