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what is the cause of wet dreams.do women experience them.?

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if women experience wet dreams,what things indicate them.
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I don't think women have them. Erotic dreams
This is when someone has an erotic dream their body prepares itself for sex as if they are awake. In some cases the person may experience orgasm when they dream and in a man this causes semen to be ejaculated from the penis, in a woman a lot of vaginal fluid is produced.Both women and men have wet dreams but the effects are more noticable in men as there will be a big spray of spermy goo all over the sheets. If you would like to enjoy a wet dream try thinking very erotic thoughts as you go to sleep and there will be a greater chance yoiu will have one. If you are worried about having one then mastrubate in the evening to remove sexual tention before you go to sleep.I hope this answers you question.
• A wet dream is when you ejaculate (come) while you’re asleep. • They’re totally normal, most boys have them. How often depends on the individual. Some boys have wet dreams every night, some hardly ever have them. • You might not even realise you’ve had a wet dream until you notice a sticky patch on your pyjamas or bedclothes. This is just semen. • Girls have wet dreams too, but they often don’t realise because there’s no semen. • Wet dreams don’t mean anything. They’re often about stuff you’d never do. This is normal - it doesn’t mean you’ve got secret desires. • Both straight and gay men have wet dreams, it doesn’t have anything to do with sexuality. • There’s no need to feel guilty about having wet dreams, they aren't dirty or wrong, just a normal bodily function. • There’s nothing to be embarrassed about either. Whoever changes your sheets should know that wet dreams are a normal part of growing up and becoming a man. • Men have more wet dreams between the ages of 12 and 18, but they can happen at any age once the body has started to produce semen. • Some boys find they have less chance of having a wet dream if they masturbate before going to sleep.
The cause of wet dreams for a man is the build up of sperm that hasn't been used. It can happen whether he's had a rude dream or not.Where as in the female, she needs to be aroused to get wet.

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