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what does masterbating feel like?

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what does masterbating feel like?
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for girls..its like you have been fucked by more than 3 by 10inches size of penis...five at the same time!it would be nice if you stimulate the clit first..you'll get so wet, real wet..damn
Masturbation is the manual excitation of the sexual organs, often to the point of orgasm. You can masturbate yourself or be masturbated by your sex partner. You can use your hand or sex toys and non-genital stimulation. Masturbation and sexual intercourse are the two most common sexual practices, but they are not mutually exclusive (for example, many people find the sight of their partner masturbating highly erotic). Some people are able to achieve orgasm only through masturbation While females aged 13–17 masturbate almost once a day on average (and almost as often as their male peers), adult women masturbate 8–9 times a month, compared to the 18–22 among men.I hope that it will clear your mind.
There is only one way to answer this. Just do it and find out. It is i different for everyone. We just can't tell you how it feels.
well not sure if your male or female. but for me, female. I love it, huge turn on, i also use a vibrator, get a good one tho!!!mine has a clit stimulator. fun, fun!!!!
i think it feels good and it is normal u know how to please yourself better than any1 cause u know how u want it
there is only one way to find out...
Materbating is very normal. It is safe and feels great. Try it out if you haven't already! try fingering it out
Take a chance! It feels good on boys, probably feels great forgirls!

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