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what is the perfect breast size for a woman?

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what is the perfect breast size for a woman?
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Guys all SAY that "anything larger than a handful is a waste" - and of course - a handful is different from guy to guy (but usually about a C cup).But the truth is that I have never met a guy who was not just delighted to have as much as he could get. except for those weird guys who like flat crested girls. but they are all gay anyway.Think about it - how much "big boob" porn is there?And how much "Just a handful" porn is there?Moral: Guys like BIG boobs better. No matter what they SAY.
Yours, Mine, and every other woman's out there.There is no such thing as a perfect breast size.Some might say my breasts are small 34A, but my man sure doesn't complain.it's about the confidence to you know your breasts are beautiful without have to have a guy say they are.
For its function any size so long as its functional.For looks a lot has to do with the size of the woman. I personally have preferred B sizes most of my life but have spent most of my life with a C sized woman and I beleive that's when men begin to notice "endowed women".I have have enjoyed that area of the body on women who needed no bra at all. The breast and nipple are sensual places regardless of size or sex and thus are caplable of being enjoyable and enjoyed! the perfect size is all in how the woman feels, but as for me I say more than a handful is a waste. anything bigger than a c-cup will hurt your back
a size C that's what size i am but i am also 14 and i still have some growing to do and i hope my boobs don't get any bigger if they do i'll go get a breast reduction.{LOL}JusT kEepIN iT reAL
As a guy, I like B cups!Not all guys like them BIG!
what ever size you are blessed with why do women worry about such things be proud of your no matter what HAPPY DAY

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