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Does midol make your periods lighter and shorter?

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I was cramping the normal girl thing and I took two midol pills which says to do on your first does I did not take anymore throughout my period but for some reason my period was lighter than usual and also shorter. My period usually last 7days but this time it lasted from Wensday to late Saturday night is that normal when taking midol or what
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Back many tears ago when i took midol it only helped my cramps. But after i got older they did not ease the cramps like Motrin did.
i lighten up alot when i take ibprofen so its possible thats why
no, midol only makes you urinate more and have less pain, you might actually be pregnant.
Midol does one thing.Helps the pain from cramps thats all.And sometimes it doesn't do that.Thats a dam shame that a guy knows more then some of u ladies.Geeeee ladies read the bottle..
It's just for pain relief. I think that maybe the midol is impeding your menstruation flow, that may also be the reason why you have cramps. And if you would like to lessen the cramps without drinking some medicines drink plenty of water.
No, Midol is just acetomenaphyn (Tylenol) and caffein.It shouldn't have that effect, maybe you just had a super short period?If you're on Birth Control, that might be why.
No as the previous individuals stated. You just happened to have a good month which coincided with the Midol, which is just an anti-inflammatory. NOTE: With ALL medication read the enclosed information about it.directions, ingredients, uses, contraindications to the medication, etc.
Nope. Midol is for pain relief. Read the ingredients on the bottle.
no, ask your doc
Shorten? Not that I know, but takes pain and bloating away.
Midol does not affect the length of your period it just dulls the cramping.CT
No, Midol does not make your periods lighter and shorter.!, It's just a pain reliever!

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