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can you be a virgin and wear tampons?

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can you be a virgin and wear tampons?
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Yes, definitely. Just experiment and find the one that you are most comfortable with and works easiest for you.
of course, silly.
Yes, virginity refers to sexual intercourse.if you have non-vaginal sex (intimate sexual pleasuring) with someone, you are not a virgin anymore!
yes, virginity refers to sexual intercourse.
you dont have to have lost your virginity in order to wear tampons..you can wear them at any time..its best to start with the juniou slender tampons..and work your way up accordingly to how heavy your flow is..and until you have sexual intercourse..you are still a virgin..and tampons are far too small to break your hymen anyways..so good luck!
Yes, get the slimmest size and work your way up(according to your flow) from there.
It's gonna seem a shock 2 U 2 know that if U're worried about damaging UR Hymen U won't using Tampons.Do U go horse-riding, do any heavy lifting or any contact sports?Coz they may well of torn it yonks ago.Make sure U use the smallest size available, huh?
yes you can..... it doesnt matter if you are a virgin or not if you have your period you should wear tampons
Yes & they're so much more comfortable than messy pads in my opinion.
Dah - yes. Tampons have nothing to do with sexual relations. If used correctly, they certainly don't damage the hymen.
yes you can.wearing a tampon doesnt "devirginize" you.it only soaks up blood when your on your period. yes!
Yes. I think you mean because you're not stretched, it won't be able to fit, but the tampon can. I'm a virgin and tampons fit me.
Yes, you are only not a virgin if you have had a d**k in you, then your not a virgin anymore! Don't worry about it!
Yes--I buy my daughter the slender ones for teens.

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