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Is it ok to take prenatal vitamins if you aren't pregnant?

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I was told they are the best source of vitamins, better than a regular multivitamin, is that true? Help please. :)
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Yes, it is ok. If you are looking to get pregnant, it is good to start asap, for when it actually does happen. But dont take them for too long if you arent pregnant, because you might get overdoses of certain vitamins, which can cause problems.
They are okay, particularly if you are planning on becoming pregnant. However, prenatal contains lots of iron which in many people contributes to constipation, and lots of calcium which, in some people contributes to the formation of kidney stones.OUCH!Otherwise, they are just normal vitamins.
They're just vitamins, from the same sources as any other multivitamin, just formulated for the nutritional needs of pregnant women. You can take them, but your body is just going to flush out any excess that it can't use, so there's not much point. A good multivitamin will give you the same benefits.
can't hurt they are just vitamins special needed for pregnancy,only maybe some parts stronger than ordinary
They say that prenatal vitamins are really good for you. They're supposed to make your hair and nails look better as well. I've heard that they're okay to take even though your not pregnant.
Yup, it's fine to take them if you aren't pregnant. In fact, they are a great source of all the vitamins a woman needs and if you plan to become pregnant, it's always a good idea to take them before conception.
yes this is true, my doctor put me on prenatal vitamins, when i started going into menopause.

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