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Why are women so crabby on their period? I've been in pain before and I don't react the same way.?

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Yes I also know everything else that goes along with being on your period. Bloating, Cramps, etc.. I've had extremely bad days of pain and sometimes even weeks. But I'm still not as irratable as some women when they get their period.
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The hormones!
It has alot to do with hormones... I get moody... Sad then mad...its all over the place. Ill even cry over a sad commercial! lol Plus my cramps are horrible for about 24 hours... They hurt so bad i cant even stay still.... And really to the point where there all i can think about. Its just not the same kind of pain as hurting yourself... So when you get that kind of pain with the moodiness.... well all i can say is pass the midol and stay away for a while... lol
It's not pain, you idiot, it's hormones, which do EVERYTHING, regulating your emotions, your sex drive, your appetite, your attachment and affection--they are the chemicals that make your body and brain work. Take a biology class, why don't you.
Because.. women are women!We get very aggitated because of it, and we aren't in the mood to put up with crap from men. =)
its hormones not pain that make women grumpy
omg....lets have ur guts falling out for a week and c how u feel. Along with that, lets add back ache, belly ache, leg cramps, constantly feeling soiled, hot/cold, and ur hormones are running rampid making normal life impossible.......do some research, its not just about bleeding for a week and not dieing.
Trust me, it really dosen't have much to do with pain. Yes, we get cramps and bloating, but during our period, we have odd amounts of estrogen and progesterone.. In other words, out hormones are going crazy! So, we get crabby, irritable, and sometimes we're fatigued (which is also why we're grumpy) So there. hormones dear
you have no ideaits not just the pain that makes us crabby
it is easy women are crabby because during there period they are stressed out and they don't get enough sleep and if they do things around the house like laundry bending over can hurt and i am not crabby i have been in worse pain since i play football i am 12 by the way and the name says craig but it really is his daughter :-) and it is the hormones
hormones. (=. ive heard that guys get to experiemce what it feels like in space cause there is no gravity and they cant STAND it. try going in outter space for a day (=
trust me...we know we're being like that. But we just can't stop ourselvesas everyone has already said...it's the hormones that make us nuts
When a woman has a period there is a hormonal surge which does not help with all the other symptoms. Some women get crabby some get weepy. I feel like snapping everyone head off and my husbands breathing irritates me and I am a well mannered happy person any other time
ahhh!! then you are a lier. most men are sookie baby's
Woman get moods swing during their period so we'll be happy one minute and sad the next! Bad days are nothing like peiods! Periods are for 3-16 days! You should let a girl be in the mood she is during her period!BYE BYE!
hormones, honey
it has to do with the hormones .... we get a lot of mixed feelings during that time....
Not all get grumpy. My wife (mexican) gets HOMICIDAL. She practically starts finding every knife in the house, sweats, and scolds me over where i leave the remote control wating a long freshly sharpened blade.Somethign men have tried to learn to live with.My tip is, play the victem (exagerate to entertain yourself), dont let it get to you. Then they feel bad once thier mood clears up.
It is not about pain,men! It is about disconfort and a little pain! Stress appear and here we go that nasty habbit!

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