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Is it true that if you drink a beer, it will clean out your kidneys?

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Is it true that if you drink a beer, it will clean out your kidneys?
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This doesn't go for all kinds of beer.The story is about the beer brewed by the monks that is high in the cleansing beer-yeast.For instance a lot of European women are prescribed 1 dark beer with yeast a day.You should be careful though not to overdose or use this treatment for serious kidney problems.Natural healing works great but you need the help of a natural practitioner.Natural healing is safe cause it has less side effects than chemical healing but it's not safe to tinker with.Health-care takes quite a bit of study and you don't want to become your own quack.With health problems you should always seek the help of people with the knowledge to help you.Don't mess with your health.Study a little more here http://www.doctoryourself.comP.S. The yeast is also available without the beer around it, you can still enjoy the benefits without the negatives of the alcohol.
It won't clean out your kidneys any more than any other substance. Since the beer is a diuretic which will make you urinate frequently, and feel as though you are cleaning your kidneys out but since alcohol dehydrates your body you are doing more damage than good. Dehydration is the reason for a hangover. So if you are wanting a "Kidney Clean" water is your best bet. Also, the reason you pee more after consuming other liquids is because your blood is being filtered at a quicker rate, so stick with water.
I don't know, but if it cleans out your liver..Yikes! No. Beer is not kidney soap. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means that you will pee more. Add that to the sheer volume of fluid that you drink when you have a few beers, and you can see why people might think their kidneys were being cleaned out.But that is not how kidneys work. keep drinking
I work in Dialysis. If your kidneys are not functioningas they should, then beer is very bad for them. It is high in protein. Any thing you eat or drink that your kidneys can'tfilter posions your system. Many people get gout, it usually isin in the large toes. It is very painful and red, swollen also.If your kidneys are working ok then you are fine to eat & drinkas you wish. There are many food & drink restrictions fordialysis patients. A very strict diet, so take care of your selfalways and stay healthy. I've never heard of that before
no, water is the only thing that really helps your kidneys. In moderation only dear one-------------!

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