Why I Still Love “Blue Bloods” on CBS

by on February 9th, 2011
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“Blue Bloods” didn’t air on CBS last week but will be back with a new episode on Friday November 4th 2011. Usually I write a review or episode guide for “Blue Bloods” the CBS show starring Tom Selleck.

Instead I am writing about why I love “Blue Bloods” and hope it has continued success. “Blue Bloods” follows the Reagan family as they fight crime from various positions in the New York Police Department and District Attorney’s Office.

Tom Selleck is the main character, Frank Reagan who heads the police department. Donnie Wahlberg gets plenty of face time on “Blue Bloods” as Danny Reagan a son of Frank.

I started to love “Blue Bloods” because of Tom Selleck but Wahlberg is quickly becoming my favorite character. Danny Reagan is a good detective who always has one foot over the edge and is always ready to do what it takes to solve a case.

Danny always seems to be in some tense situation with his wife who seems to regret marrying a police officer. Recently in “A Night on the Town” they had some good times but I think they will get a divorce if the show lasts long enough.

The biggest reason I love “Blue Bloods” is the family aspects of the show. The wide cast of characters gives the writers some excellent options for story lines for the show. The stress of being in a family of cops facing different situations is appealing to me.

I like the scenes of the show where the family all gets together for a meal. It is sort of like “The Walton’s” combines with “NYPD Blue” which are two of my favorite television shows of all time.

I have long feared “Blue Bloods” would try to be another “CSI” type show and lose the family aspect that I like. So far in its second season “Blue Bloods” has been able to keep the charm that drew me to it last year.

My only problem with “Blue Bloods” is that sometimes they cram too much into one episode. I don’t really like season long plots but one hanging over to the next episode from time to time will help keep their audience coming back in my opinion.

Due to my being a big fan of Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg I will continue to watch “Blue Bloods” on CBS. I hope you will do the same and urge others to check out the show. Thanks for reading this and feel free to comment below.

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