Ways to Add Color to a Kitchen with Industrial Style

by on November 1st, 2010
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A kitchen with industrial style might seem cold and uninviting, but it can be warm, welcoming and highly impressive. All it takes is a splash of color to bring new life to raw metal, rough concrete, uninteresting block and coarse brick. The color can come from a number of sources, but it should never be overdone.

My mother’s industrial style kitchen needed something to make it feel more welcoming, and I offered her a number of options. She did not want to ruin the style of the space with unnecessary knickknacks and eclectic items that would detract from the look of the room. Consider these options when looking for acceptable ways to add color to a kitchen with industrial style, and add vibrancy to metal furnishings and cold hard decor.

Add Color with a Live Plant

One of the best ways to add color to a kitchen with industrial style is with the addition of a live plant. Choose something with vibrant foliage or a plant that regularly blooms. If windows are lacking and the level of light is not conducive to growing plants, opt for a high-quality faux arrangement. It can be placed on the center of the kitchen table, on the countertop, in a windowsill or on an industrial cart. The eyes will be immediately drawn to the only source of color in the kitchen, and it will look spectacular. It is amazing how much warmth a simple plant can bring to a room.

Use Wall Art to Add Color to a Kitchen with Industrial Style

My mother chose a work of colorful abstract wall art for her kitchen with industrial style. I centered it on a bare variegated brown brick wall. The frameless oil painting was comprised of two shades of blue outlined in cocoa brown, and it looks absolutely stunning. It brings out the natural blue tint in the industrial table and chair set pictured, and it accomplishes this without detracting from the style of the kitchen.

Fill a Candle Tray with Color

Another simple way to add color to a kitchen with industrial style is with a candle tray and candle. Buy an ordinary white candle and a deep white or black candle tray. Surround the candle with color by adding flat glass marbles, colored aquarium stone or beach glass. It will become the focal point of the kitchen, and the surface that holds it will become the stage for this tabletop work of art.

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