Truck Sat Nav’s

by on April 18th, 2014
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Truck Sat Nav
Truck satellite navigation is specifically designed for HGV’s and other large vehicles. With an ever growing range of different truck sat nav’s, some people may find it hard to know which one is best for them. There are numerous different brands that sell truck sat nav’s including Snooper, Tom Tom and Garmin but how do you know really which is the best for your needs?


Being the number 1 choice for satellite navigation across the UK & Europe, Snooper have instigated the development of truck sat nav’s along with speed camera detectors and has been one of the main leaders in the market for over 30 years. Each of the Snooper truck sat nav’s are able to carefully calculate the width of roads and also height and weight limits on roads to make much friendlier routes for lorries and HGV’s. With the truckmate sat nav’s, they are designed to give you routes that avoid low bridges along with height and weight restricted roads based on the size of your vehicle. All this is done by entering your vehicle details during the set up process. All of the Snooper truck sat nav’s can be used by any commercial vehicle such as trucks, hgv’s, coaches and buses which helps with cost and fuel effectiveness.


Because TomTom’s main focus in the satellite navigation market is mainly focused on car satellite navigation, there aren’t a huge amoutn of truck sat nav’s. However, they do have the TomTom 7100 and 7150. The 7100 is specifically designed to plan better routes for you and your drivers and is everything you’d expect from a TomTom. It uses smarter navigation to plan these fuel and time effective routes that are tailored for your vehicle.


With Garmin sat nav’s for trucks, there are no more narrow country lanes as each garmin sat nav comes preloaded with a UK truck database which specialises in specific route options and truck friendly points of interest making life a whole lot easier for you and your drivers! Garmin truck sat nav’s are specially designed with the larger vehicles in mind to avoid low bridges and hazardous situations. They are also quick and easy to set up as you just have to enter your vehicles dimensions and let the truck sat nav do the work for you! It will find you the simplest routes.

Pro Nav

Pro Nav truck sat nav’s allow driver to easily enter their vehicle dimensions including height, width, weight and even what the load is that they are carrying. Even throughout your journey, the Pro Nav sat nav continues to update you with any hazards such as steep hills, winds and the risk of grounding.

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