Too Old for a Kid Party: Fun Ways to Celebrate a Girl’s Birthday

by on December 15th, 2014
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Some parents love hosting birthday parties for their kids, and others approach birthday planning as something akin to scheduling a dental appointment for their kids. Love them or hate them, at some point your kids will outgrow those big shindigs that were so popular in preschool and elementary school days. Most kids will naturally outgrow big parties as they approach middle school or junior high, but some parents will put the brakes on big shindigs before the kids do.

Whether through your decision or your child’s, the time how now come for your daughter to give up those big birthday bashes. Yet you don’t want to forgo celebrating each birthday altogether and still want her special day to be just that – special. Here are some great birthday ideas for a girl that can really add some magic to that special day:

Girl’s Night Out. Most tweens and young teens have moved past wanting to invite the whole class to their party, and instead most will want to spend their special day with just a few close friends. You can take the girls out for a fun night on the town complete with dinner and some other fun activity like a movie, bowling, skating or ice skating, or something similar.

Amusement Park or Theme Park. Tickets to these venues sure can be pricey, but often a girl would love to spend a fun-filled day at an amusement park or theme park with her very best friend (or even a couple of friends if you can afford it).

Special Events. As the big day approaches, you can check the calendar of events for major sporting events of a favorite sport your daughter is interested in, performing arts events, concerts, and more. Consider offering to take your daughter and a few friends to one of these events. If nothing is going on your local area, you can consider looking at the next town over and planning a fun weekend for your daughter.

Of course, you can always opt for the old stand-by of a sleepover with a few select friends, and most girls would be thrilled with that idea, too. Just be sure you buy some ear plugs!

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