Thoughtful Gemini Gifts for Both Men and Women

by on February 22nd, 2011
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They say, if you want to know what’s it like to fly…ask a Gemini! Gemini, the zodiac sign represented by twins, points to a fun person who is of a free mind and spirit. With an intelligent and imaginative outlook towards life, Geminis always have something to say.The charm of a Gemini male or female is hard to resist and and one stays enchanted with the twinkle they carry in their eyes.

When it comes to choosing unique gifts for Geminis, one should be willing to experiment with different ideas. It’s important to take into consideration the personality, nature and general disposition of the person for whom the gift is intended. This way our feelings find better expression and the receiver of the gift appreciates our thoughtful gesture.

Gemini ladies are youthful with a sunny nature. They are multifaceted and smart, always absorbing knowledge from their surroundings. They adore life in all its diversity and stages, welcoming the variety it has to offer. A female of this sign loves to communicate and connect with her society. She could be your best friend, lover or sports partner; all at the same time. She has a short attention span though and ways have to be devised to keep her interested.

To celebrate a Gemini female and her special days one needs to find the right gifts for Gemini women. There are many options available. Gift her a latest, technology savvy gadget like a notebook, iPad, iPhone, tablet PC, beeper and the like. Since communication is her high point this gift would suit her just fine. She would find the new features engaging and is sure to enjoy her gift. Since she’s also a wonderful hostess and treats her guests royally, one could also gift her unique dinner sets or wine glasses with hand-painted designs, silverware, sparkling crystal platters with a dash of color and even exquisite aromatic candles.

Gift certificates and cards from stores also make for a wise gift choice, as this independent Gemini lady can pick articles she really likes. Jewelry manages to entice all kinds of women and they cannot help falling for it. So carry a glittering brooch or pendant, a multicolored pair of earrings or a bracelet, a timeless watch or a ring…even an attractive mobile case! Moonstone is her zodiac birthstone, you could use it in your gifts. Rose and Lily of the Valley are Gemini lady’s birth flowers symbolizing optimism and new beginnings, a sweet gift anytime.Gifting is finally an art, a creative display of emotion for which sky is the limit.

A Gemini male bears many similarities to his female counterpart. He too is a great conversationalist, is witty and often impatient, has a dual nature- the ultimate Jekyll and Hyde, is friendly so gets along well with most people and generally manages to become the focus of any gathering. He can be sensitive at one moment and come across as too casual the other, an enigma of sorts. He may not be with you physically but will be there for you when you need him. Closeness makes him nervous but he loves to have an audience. He is undoubtedly, charm personified.

You can give technology as gifts for Gemini men, be it a smart phone, a science fiction movie or a video game. Since he is always looking forward to trying out new things, give him a course in origami, a fun cooking session, a karaoke machine, a flying experience in a hot-air balloon or simply plan an outdoor surprise party for him with his favorite games and activities. Since blue is a Gemini male’s lucky color, gift him a designer sweatshirt, it suits his adventurous spirit!

Some Zodiac gifts are common to both the Gemini sexes. Since they are restless, they would benefit from a mind focusing yoga training session or a challenging jigsaw puzzle. Thought provoking books on different subjects would also be welcome. Since they admire intellect and hunt for ways to increase their mind bank give them a session with a fortune teller or an astrologist. Unusual gifts are always appealing to them. One can also go for a mixed bag of goodies instead of a single gift, since they appreciate variety. Gift ideas for Geminis are many, what’s more significant is the heart behind the gift that makes it special.

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